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Sun King’s tap rooms are open to the public so that you can sample our core and available seasonal and/or specialty beers. All of our locations are family friendly / all-ages establishments. You must have a valid ID to purchase any alcoholic beverages. You will be asked to show your ID to the beertender and/or server.
Yes. Our Downtown Indy, Broad Ripple, Carmel, and Fishers locations have a full bar. Sun King Kokomo serves other adult beverages including, mead, cider, and wine.
Why yes, you can! You must be 21+ to take one of our guided tours. To book your downtown Indy brewery tour, click here. (coming soon distillery tour at Sun King Spirits)



To set up a commercial account please click here. Or you can work with one of our distributors:
Monarch Beverage Company
Five Star Distributing
Indiana Beverage

Heartland Beverage
Donnewald Distributing Company

Clark Distributing 
River City Distributing
Stagnaro Distributing

Florida (all Florida)
Cavalier Distributing 

31st and Wharton  - Philadelphia




Prices vary based on the beer and the size of the keg. Availability varies depending on location. For current pricing, call ahead, or check your location's page and tap list for availability (subject to change).
Sun King Brewery Downtown Indy
Sun King Fishers Tap Room
Small-Batch Brewery Sun King Spirits Carmel, IN
Sun King Brewery Broad Ripple
Sun King Kokomo
Sun King charges an $80 keg deposit which is refunded upon return of the keg.
Sun King sells half barrel and sixth barrel kegs at all of our tap room locations (except IND Airport). A half barrel (15.5 gallons) serves approximately 140 properly poured pints (with a good, solid head that generally accounts for around two ounces of a 16-ounce glass) and our sixth barrels (5.16 gallons) serves approximately 45 properly poured pints. Please visit desired location for full cost breakdown of our core beers in keg sizes.
We’d love to sell you a keg at any time during our open business hours, however, due to Indiana liquor laws we are only allowed to sell you a keg Monday – Saturday. No Sunday sales. Please visit your desired location for business hours.
Yes, you can. Taps are available for a fully-refundable $40 deposit.
Click here for a helpful video.




Growlers come in two sizes – 32-ounce and 64-ounce.
32-ounce glass growler costs $2.50. The 64-ounce glass growler costs $4. Please visit desired Sun King location for a full breakdown of the cost for filling your growler with our core, seasonal, and specialty beers.
The cost of the growler fills vary depending on the style, flavor, and availability of the beer. Our core beers are available for $8 per 64-ounce growler fill. Sun King also offers $6 growler fills of four beers - Sunlight Cream Ale, Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale, Pachanga Mexican-Style Lager, and Osiris Pale Ale - every Friday. Please click on a location for up to date pricing and availability.

Downtown Indy
Broad Ripple
Fishers Small Batch
Camel Spirits
When you’ve emptied your growler, rinse it with warm water and give it a full air dry. Tell it you love it at least once a week and protect it with a Sun King growler cover and it will love you in return. Sun King’s beertenders can also give it a rinse before filling your growler, especially on hot days or cold days to adjust your growlers temperature before filling it up with delicious cold craft beer.




The idea behind the beer crowler is similar to that off the growler, except it is in a can form. A crowler is a 32-ounce aluminum can used to package craft beers and allow people to transport them home. Growlers became wildly popular because craft beer fans were looking for a way to bring their favorite brews home for later in the day or the week. By contrast, a crowler offers a tight seal that won't allow any air or sunlight in to break down your beer. It is also more resilient to bouncing around in your bag as you travel.



Well, it's the cool, hipster cousin of the food court at the mall but with more laughter, energy and some of the best local, independent restaurants in Indy: Castagnetti's, Pi Indy, La Margarita Restaurant, and The Den by Foxgardin! No large-format NY-style pizza or cinnamon rolls as big as your head here. Oh, and did we mention drinks? Modern food halls have adult beverages. Your sever will bring you drinks, you order your food at one of the restaurants.



As much as we’d like to roll a keg into the post office and slap a Priority Mail sticker on a fresh growler or case of cans, mailing beer is not legally allowed in the state of Indiana.


Community Partner

If you are interested in partnering with Sun King for your event, please fill out the form here.




Sponsorships & Charities

If you are interested in partnering with Sun King for your event, please e-mail sponsorship@sunkingbrewing.com.
If you would like to speak with us about how the sale of our product can help raise money for your organization, please click here and fill out your request.
Please head to our online form and fill out your request.


Events & Event Space

All three Sun King locations are available for private parties and events. To request information about renting one of our spaces and pricing, please click here.
Any individual, group, or organization wishing to use Sun King Brewery owned equipment must: possess a permanent or temporary liquor license, provide a copy of said license for Sun King’s files, sign a property damage waiver upon receipt of Sun King Brewery’s equipment, staff your event with severs carrying current Indiana server permits, sever only Sun King products from Sun King equipment, provide a Certificate of Insurance including Sun King Brewery, and provide Sun King with credit card to keep on file to cover full rental cost and any damage that might be incurred. Please contact us at info@sunkingbrewing.com for more information and costs.


Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for energetic people to represent our brand in the community as well as at our tap room locations. Please click here to find out how to apply.