Like so many other things these days, there is a shortage of aluminum beverage cans.

If you've purchased a Sun King beer lately, you may have noticed a printed label placed over another one of our brands. It is our way of overcoming adversity and keeping our beer in your hands!

Sun King has been labeling old cans intermittently for the last year or so due the shortage. We have been forced to be as resourceful as possible, which means using every available can we have in order to keep our beers on the market. While it may look a little odd, it has no effect on the flavor of our award-winning craft beers.

To make matters worse, our long-term can supplier announced at the end of 2021 that they were raising their minimum order of printed cans from one truckload (or 200,000 cans) to five truckloads (or 1 Million cans) per label/design. This new policy favors large breweries, brewery groups, and beverage companies who can afford not only to purchase such large quantities, but who also have floor space to store large quantities of cans. As a result, Sun King has gone from working with one can supplier to five-plus suppliers, each with their own minimums and label requirements.

If you have come across a Sun King beer that was labeled over, please know that there is nothing different or wrong with the beer inside. We have not attempted to relabel a different beer; It is because we are doing everything possible to overcome adversity and keep our beers flowing!

Thanks for your continued support!

The Sun King Brewery Team