The 2022 Sun King Production Calendar

This year's calendar features:

Variety Packs

Two new additions to the Sun King Starter Pack line: The Hoppy Starter Pack and the Fall Starter Pack.

Two new additions to the Sunlight Party Pack: The Spring/Summer Party Pack, and the Fall/Winter Party Pack.

New Seasonal 12oz.

Rainbow Haze IPA joins the 12oz. 6pk lineup.

New Seasonal 16oz. IPAs

Exquisite Octopus, Technicolor Dreamcat, Surf Lessons, and Juice Sleuth join the canned 16oz lineup.

New Limited Offerings

Keep your eyes peeled for new Candy/Pastry Stouts in addition to some familiar favorites.

New King's Reserve Releases

Our Barrel-Aged and Sour Series features at least six new-to-package beers.