The 2020 Sun King Production Calendar

This year's calendar features a change to our core lineup, a new winter seasonal 12oz, a new seasonal 16oz IPA, five new additions to the limited lineup, and six new-to-package King's Reserve Releases.

Core Change

Keller Haze IPA joins our core lineup and starter pack (replacing SKB IPA) in April

New Seasonal 12oz.

Electric Reindeer, our winter Brown Ale currently on sale only at Newfields, joins the grocery/liquor store release lineup.

New Seasonal 16oz. IPA

Hop Tickler, our crushable Citra/Mandarina IPA, is our first seasonal release of 2020.

Five New Limited Offerings

Keep your eyes peeled for Whoopie (our new Pastry Stout), Math Doctor (a sour IPA), a currently unnamed Race Beer (a May release), an unnamed Sour and Fruited beer, and a gigantic Quadruple IPA for December.

Six New-To-Package King's Reserve Releases

Here comes Manhattan Fog (a cocktail-inspired Belgian Quad), Leap Year (a Lambic-Inspired Ale), a Tiki-Inspired Ale, the return of Johan (our first ever beer), the return of Donuts (now barrel-aged), and the first ever package release of our GABF medal-winning Dark Sour Ale, Midnight Choir.