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  • Koozie 2 Pack

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    Beer is great, we all know that. Beer in cans? Well that's even better. But there's one little catch about that canned beer - it's cold! And it's better kept that way when you're drinking it. 


    Now I'm no thermal engineer, but I know that cold is good unless it's on your hands or in your pants. What we've got here can take care of your hands, anyway. 


    It's called - a koozie! Who came up with the word koozie? Is that even how you're supposed to spell it? We can't be sure. But we can be sure that these koozies will keep your beer a little colder, your hands a little warmer, and your pants... well, your pants are your business, at least until we start selling pants.


    These come in sets of two, in random colors, because we believe in the power of random. We hope you do too. 

    Koozie 2 Pack
    Koozie 2 Pack