Sun King Brewing Company is a small Indiana brewery that currently employs 60 full time and 70 part time employees, in addition to the 5 company owners.  Our company mission is to enrich the lives of Hoosiers, one pint at a time.


At Sun King, it is our policy to promote employees from within our own organization.  All new employees are hired as part time staffers to work filling growlers in our tasting room.  From there, we allow talent, attitude, timing, luck, and the “Beer Gods” to guide an employee’s progress within the company.  When we need to fill a full time position, we do so by promoting a standout from our pool of part time staff.


Sun King’s unique hiring philosophy has served the company well during our six years doing business in the State of Indiana.  While education and experience are held as traditional indicators of a candidate’s potential to fill a position, they are relatively weak predictors of how well an individual will perform on the job.  Our approach gives us the opportunity to educate new employees about our product and integrate them into our company culture before advancing them to additional responsibilities.  We believe that building on an established employer-employee relationship enhances the training process as well as employee performance and satisfaction.


In the early 2015 legislative session, Sun King successfully lobbied the Indiana legislature to increase the production limit for small breweries.  We are excited to continue growing our business and serving our local community while eventually extending our distribution to other areas of Indiana.  In addition, our new tap room in Fishers offers a second location where Hoosiers can enjoy fresh, local beer.