What do you do with all of that Halloween candy?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Take adult trick-or-treating up a notch and pair all of your Halloween candy with craft beer!  Here is the Sun King Crew's guide on what delicious Halloween candy treats pair with your favorite Sun King beers.


Sour, Sweet, or Gummy Candies:


Sour Patch Kids = Osiris Pale Ale.  The citrus from the hops in the beer bring out the fruity side of the sour candy.  Pale ales not your thing, try Crushin' Pils collaboration with St. Joseph Brewery 


Starburst  = We fished out our top 3 Starburst flavors (Orange, Cherry, Strawberry) and paired them with Double 00 Session IPA collaboration with Revolution Brewing or Velour Soccer Mom


Chewy Spree =  Armada of Kazoos or Velour Soccer Mom (Leave the grape one for another time!)


Smarties = Osiris Pale Ale


Skittles  =  We will take you through half of the rainbow, so hang on tight!  Grape = Velour Soccer Mom | Orange = Brettfest | Red = Sympathy for the Devil


SweetTarts = We singled out the Blue Raspberry / Grape SweetTarts and partnered them up with Velour Soccer Mom, that is aged in oak barrels with fresh raspberries and hibiscus


Hot Tamales = The cinnamon of the Hot Tamales takes GABF Two-Time Silver Medal Winner Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil to the Upside Down


Candy Corn = Believe it or not, they still make this candy for those of us that want to feel nostalgic from our youth!  Hands down.  Candy Corn pairs well with Sunlight Cream Ale or Java Mac


Caramel Apple Suckers  = Pucker up!  Grab something from one of our sour ales.  Armada of Kazoo or Velour Soccer Mom will do the trick.  Scared of sours?  Try a easy to drink Sunlight Cream Ale


Chocolate Candies:


Whoppers = Java Mac


M&Ms (plain) = These melt in your mouth candies paired with SO many different beers it was hard to pick just one.  Wee Mac, Java Mac, Velour Soccer Mom, and Sympathy for the Devil


Hersey Chocolate Bar = When the Lights Go Out or Sympathy for the Devil

Twix = The buttery biscuit inside of the Twix along with the caramel layer pairs beautifully with Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale


Almond Joy = Has nuts! And pairs well with Sunlight Cream Ale, Java Mac, and Sympathy for the Devil


Snickers = We went for a simple to extreme pairings with this favorite!  Pachanaga, Velour Soccer Mom, and Sympathy for the Devil...your taste buds will thank you 

Tootsie Rolls = This classic is a perfect match for When the Lights Go Out.


Butterfinger = Keep your hands off my Butterfinger and hand me a Velour Soccer Mom.  Think peanut butter and jelly!


Reese's Cup = Sympathy for the Devil


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