The Trade School has made its way to Indy!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sharpen your pencils, folks! School is now in session! After many successes in New York, London, and Manila, Trade School has made its way to the heartland. Trade School is a learning experience where teachers barter with students without money exchanging hands, and places equal value on big ideas, practical skills and experiential knowledge. These basic principles stem from the fact that everyone has something to offer and that life-long learners will actively seek out knowledge if there is an opportunity to do so.

Trade School Indianapolis kicked off at the Indy City Market in September with a total of 8 classes during the first semester. They had over 80 students attend classes ranging from Dehydrating the Garden to Nail Art 101 to Writing: Self-Editing Tips and Tricks and more. Each of our instructors was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and thrilled to go home with a bounty of bartered items.

Trade School operates like this: Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items from students. For example, if you teach a class about making butter, you might ask students to bring heavy cream, jars, or bread and also include music tips, craft beer, costume jewelry, vegetables or help with something like finding an apartment. Students sign up for classes online by agreeing to bring a barter item for the teacher. Our rules are simple: Teach. Learn. Barter. Repeat. Trade School is about learning. Trade School is about sharing knowledge with others and placing value on the knowledge you offer with requested items. They emphasize that it’s not about material things, but about mutual respect for the person teaching and working with your own resources.

The Trade School has some pretty cool sponsors on their team. The AMAZING force that isNUVOYelp, Sun King Brewing Co. and of course their permanent home, the Indianapolis City Market. These incredible sponsors have advertised for Trade School and have been a huge factor to the success so far. Semester 1 was fantastic, planning to have a few new features in the next semester. The Trade School is working on sourcing a modest projector and P/A system to improve class experiences and make the learning space accessible for all. If you would like to donate to Trade School Indianapolis, please visit the GoFundMe page.

The Trade School is now accepting class submissions! A survey was sent out last week (please feel free to take it here) asking what students want to see in the next semester. The responses have been awesome so far, with Recreational fun as the forerunner and Foodie classes right behind. From what has been learned, students would also love to take a craft class of some sort and they are also curious about cultures, such as traditions, religion and languages. Any photographers up to teach? Many students are interested in taking a class on how to take the perfect picture. If you or someone you know are interested in teaching a class on ANYTHING, please sign up here!

The Trade School is excited about Semester 2! The second semester will run from November 1 to December 15 and all classes will be held at the Indianapolis City Market or off-site depending on the nature of the class (beer brewing classes, recreational activities). The Semester 2 launch party is Thursday, November 1st from 6-8PM at the City Market. There will be mini-classes, an intro to bartering and a complimentary beer for the first 50 guests from Sun King. Sign up to teach or take a class and/or RSVP for the party here. Hope to see your smiling, eager to learn faces there!

If you would like more information on Trade School or have any questions, please contact Blaire Huntley at 919-619-0321 or, or visit

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