The Tasting Room is OPEN again!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Tasting Room is OPEN again!

Two weeks ago we closed our doors to the public and began work on a series of projects that will allow us to make more Fresh•Local•Beer. While we were at it, we took the time to do a lot of things that were long overdue.

Some of you remember when we first opened the Tasting Room in September of 2009 with nothing but a small cooler in the corner with 12 taps and a couple of picnic tables to sit and enjoy samples of our beer. As we’ve grown, we have stuck with our plan of pouring every penny we earn back into the business in order to grow/improve our facility, buy more/better equipment to make more beer, and hire people to do the jobs that making/distributing more beer requires. We’ve done most of this growth right before your eyes, but it’s impossible to do things like tile the entry or paint the rafters in the tasting room with a constant influx of people, plus the place has been an absolute mess with everything moving in and out. I think everyone would agree that if you don’t visit us for a few weeks, there’s bound to be something new or different around here and this time is no exception!

For us the time has flown by, but from what we’ve gathered from social media and people we’ve talked to, it seems like forever. We appreciate all of your support and love for our beer; without you, we wouldn’t even need to expand! We now have the infrastructure to grow to 30,000 barrels and four of our new tanks are already here.

Stop by and see what we’ve been up to… We look forward to seeing you in the Tasting Room!

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