Sun King Takes The Polar Plunge!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A well-crafted beer served at 32 degrees is just about perfect. Jumping into Eagle Creek Reservoir at a similar temperature is… a little less than ideal.

But that’s exactly what the members of the Sun King Brrr Crew Team did on Saturday afternoon at the Eagle Creek Polar Plunge in support of Special Olympics of Indiana. For more than a month, the Brrr Crew team asked family and friends to make donations, and in return, each member of the team agreed to jump into the ice-cold water.

In a winter season where temperatures have largely remained above freezing and little snow has fallen, the team thought they would get off easy. Mother Nature had other plans for the event. Bookended by days that hit the mid-to-upper 40’s, Saturday provided the Brrr Crew team with temperatures worthy of the title Polar Plunge.

But even wind chills that dropped the temperature well below freezing couldn’t stop the team from completing its mission. Assistant brewers Adrian Ball, Jon Clampitt and assistant cellarman Jordan McCarrel embraced the opportunity to take the plunge in style, donning short shorts and tank tops, while Heather Hall and Beth Belange took the more conservative – and sane – route of hoodies and pants.

In the end, the dedicated team raised more than $3,000 for Special Olympics of Indiana, which provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in more than 20 Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

And while the chattering teeth, numb feet and moments of panic were fleeting, the good that the money raised will do for the men, women, boys and girls who are given the chance to compete are lasting. And that’s a cause worth raising a glass to.

Check out our pictures from the event!

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