Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: WE Farm Meat CSA Program

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sun King Community Partner Spotlight takes a look at WE Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm.

WE Farmaims to provide meat and eggs that are wholesome, healthy, and just plain delicious.  Eastern Owen County is home.  We raise grass-fed beef and woodlot/pastured hogs, pastured egg-laying and broiler chickens, pastured turkey, and lamb.


It's a truly local option - animals raised on-farm, butchered nine miles away and delivered in tens of food miles.  Our animals are raised humanely without antibiotics/hormones on a chemical-free and ecologically-sound farmscape.  


Products will be available through quarterly Meat CS sessions in 2015.  We are running a "Demo" session in December to provide Indianapolis foodies trail opportunity to enjoy the bounty and bliss that is WE Farm meat.  Participating in our program means you enjoy a 10% discount below our retail pricing, you get to custom-talior the contents of your shares, and we prepackage it all with a convenient delivery to Sun King Brewery.  


Trail CSA Share Options

"Total Beef"

5 lbs. ground, 2.5 lbs. prime cuts, 2.5 lbs. braising cuts.

$81 ($8.10/lb. avg.)


"Value Beef"

5 lbs. ground

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats, 2 lbs. prime cuts

$45 ($6.42/lb. avg.)


"Value Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Lamb"

2 lbs. ground lamb, 2 lbs. sausage, 2 lbs. prime cuts, 2 lbs. braising cuts.

$74 (9.29/lb. avg.)


"Pastured Broiler Chicken"

(2), 2.75 lb. whole, skin-on processed chickens

$22 ($4.06/lb. avg.)



Reserving your shares only takes minutes.  Select your share and indicate your desired contents conveniently by visiting our website ( and accessing the our online form from there.



On the form you will see an overview of the various shares, you may custom-tailor them by indicating your preferred contents, and you will provide your personal info to fully reserve your shares.  We will also be stopping by the Sun King Tasting Room on Friday, December 5th. We will assist you with taking orders or answer any questions that you may have. Once we have your orders, we will then bundle them up and have them available at Sun King Brewery on December 15th.

We Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm

Josh Egenolf and Laura Beth Wayne



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