Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Teachers' Treasure

Tuesday, December 02, 2014



It's a pretty small amount.  Probably what you pay for a lunch out, a new album, that bestseller all your friends are reading.  But it can also have a BIG impact - like making sure a Marion county student has access to much-needed school supplies.


Thousands of Marion county students face school each day without the pencils, paper, notebooks, and other supplies required for academic success.  Teachers are often the ones who fill the void, spending on average $500-$700 per year of their own money to have a well-supplied classroom.



Fortunately many Indy teachers don't have to do it alone.   Teachers' Treasuresopened its doors to help teachers help kids by giving them access to FREE supplies for their students and classrooms.  Their retail-like store lets teachers from eligible schools (those with 40% or higher free or reduced lunch rate) take hundreds of dollars of supplies each month, with their only cost a small administrative fee at the beginning of the school year.



Getting school supplies into the hands of at-risk students is a big step toward closing the achievement gap, and you can help!  As Teachers' Treasures heads into 2015, they're asking for #15for15 - $15 to celebrate 15 years of serving Indy's teachers and kids.  That one small donation - the price of one lunch, that one album, that one book, gets $225 of supplies into the classroom (that's $15 of supplies for every $1 donated).


Are you ready to make a BIG impact this giving season?   Click hereto make a one-time or recurring gift.

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