Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Monumental Yoga

Friday, June 14, 2013

So, Monumental Yoga – “How did this happen, you may be wondering and why?”

Monumental Yoga

It’s a pretty simple story really. I saw pictures of Times Square that had been shut down and turned into a big yoga mat filled with thousands of people and thought, “We can do that here in Indy!” It took a couple of years to find the right partner, and once LuluLemon stepped up and indicated they could tap into all of the yoga studios in the City and the recipe was complete! Why the Athenaeum Foundation others may wonder? Another great story, the founding principles of this historic building are “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”. Where the YMCA resides now in the Athenaeum was once a Turnverein, once a gymnastics center organized by the Turners, a German association. The Athenaeum has pictures around the building of rows of people doing gymnastics and calisthenics, all about movement!

When I first wanted to do the event, I had always thought it would be on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the transitional day of the year. The Solstice is on a Friday, how perfect is that, and big thanks to Wishard-Eskenazi Health as they immediately stepped up to sponsor the event. They understand that prevention truly is the best medicine.

So, the permits have been pulled, the security cops hired, Cathy Morris volunteered to play her amazing electric violin during the event, Kyle Long with Cultural Cannibals will welcome the participants as they arrive with his eclectic DJ sounds and over 50 teachers from around the City have volunteered to help adjust and teach people during the event.

June 21 – Friday – Noon – Monument Circle – Monumental Yoga

Over 500 have signed up to attend and we’re expecting even more. Register here, share this with your friends, ride your bike and park at the bike hub and come on down and feel the energy… It will be MONUMENTAL!

Cassie Stockcamp
President || Athenaeum Foundation

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