Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Interview with therapy horse Rocky, equine ambassador for The Children’s TherAplay Foundation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing TherAplay


Located in Carmel, just north of I-465, The Children's TherAplay Foundationis a non-profit rehabilitation clinic for children ages 18 months to 13 years.  TherAplay incorporates the movement of horses, through a therapeutic intervention known as hippo therapy, into physical and occupational therapies for children with special needs.  Each week their specially-trained team of therapists, horse handlers, and therapy horses provides approximately 100 equine-assisted therapy treatments for children with medical needs such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and genetic disorders.


Four questions for TherAplay:

Who is Rocky?


Rocky is a 22 year-old Quarter horse that lives and works with 10 other therapy horses at TherAplay.  Rocky was once good at barrel-racing and came to TherAplay nine years ago.  It gave him new purpose and it's one that he loves: helping kids grow stronger and more independent.  Rocky also enjoys serving as TherAplay equine ambassador.

  TherAplay 1


How do the treatments Rocky is a part of help children with special needs?

So many when times children first come to TherAplay they are unable to do things that most children their age can do unassisted.  But, with help from Rocky and his physical and occupational therapist friends, they develop the strength and skills to be able to crawl, walk, run, get dressed, go up and down stairs, feed themselves independently, and more.  


What does Rocky do between therapy sessions?

Rocky is active on social media and blogging by sharing his life experiences, and involvement with the children that attend TherAplay.  You can follow him through various outlets including, TherAplay   blog, Facebook, and Twitter


Is there a way that supporters can help the children at TherAplay?

There are several ways for people to be a part of TherAplay.  Here are a few ideas:


Volunteeryour time or even donate services.

Keep in touchthrough the TherAplay e-newsletter and join them on social media. 

• Receive benefits from becoming a part of the TherAplay Partnership Program .

• Next time you are at the store, pick up a few items from their wish list.

•  Financial contributionsare always welcome.

TherAplay 2

For more about Rocky  and about TherAplay, please visit

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