Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Child Advocates

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Child Advocates is the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program appointed by the Marion County Superior Court, Juvenile Division, to represent the best interests of abused and neglected children. We fulfill our mission through advocacy, monitoring, evaluation, fact-finding and mediation. Volunteers assist our professional staff in each child’s case to ensure children do not get lost in the system, that their needs are met during the course of our involvement, and that a safe and permanent home is found for them as soon as possible. The volunteer’s input is not only invaluable in representing the child, but, without his/her involvement, the child has no one to advocate solely for his/her best interest in court.


Our court appointed special advocate volunteers act as fact-finders for judges, providing them with information on each child that they may not otherwise obtain. They gather educational, medical, and therapy records, and also review information from Court documents and social workers’ files. They speak with each child, as well as their family members, school officials, health care providers, and other professionals who are involved in the child’s life. Our volunteers use this information, as well as firsthand observations, to advocate for the child in Court and school, and in other aspects of their lives. Our role is to consider what is in the child’s best interest and to make certain that each child’s individual needs are met.

Child Advocates is appointed to every child abuse and neglect case in Marion County. Child Advocates represented 8,833 children in 2016, which is an increase of over 52% in the last two years.


The number of children who need a voice, a CASA volunteer, has never been greater.


If you are interested in learning how to become a volunteer, please visit us at or contact

Dionne Jones at (317) 493-2240.







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