Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Autism Society of Indiana

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Autism Society of Indiana

ASI-logo-squareThe Autism Society of Indiana is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and guidance of those affected by autism throughout the state.  We believe that “those affected” is not limited to just individuals diagnosed, but also their families, friends, teachers, peers and communities.  ASI provides individualized information and support referrals to anyone searching for answers, advice or the next step.  Autism is a lifelong disability, and we are advocates through all stages of life, from birth to diagnosis to adulthood.  Autism doesn’t have an age limit for who it affects, therefore we don’t have an age limit for who we help.


Everyone at ASI is affected by autism directly, therefore we know what it feels like when a diagnosis is made, when a child struggles to adapt socially and when normal activities can become overwhelming struggles.  Our Allies, stationed around the state, receive dozens of calls a week and offer first-hand recommendations for those who are confused or in dire need of direction; teachers who need help dealing with a student, parents who aren’t sure where to go and who to talk to about testing their child/children or friends who want to be supportive of those on the spectrum.  Not only does ASI provide informational support, we also are here for emotional support, whenever it is needed.


ASI puts on many events throughout the year: pumpkin runs, walks, cocktail hours, the Annual Excellence Awards, the Indiana Autism Expos, and much more, all in the name of raising awareness for the autism community.  People tend to be nervous around and off put by those who are different and misunderstood.  It is our mission to bring to light what autism is, and isn’t, so that people will have a better understanding of those on the spectrum.  Awareness leads to acceptance, and ASI is working towards both.  People with autism deserve it.


Madeline Szrom
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