reCYCLE pARTS Artist Spotlight: Sara McCracken

Thursday, February 14, 2013
reCYCLE pARTS Artist

Sara McCracken – reCYCLE pARTS Artist   self portrait with iPhone


Sara McCracken, a feature reCYCLE pARTS artist, describes her reCYCLE pARTS piece, “as a challenge to incorporate several pieces of broken and discarded bicycle parts to make an image that would convey the enthusiasm and excitement that competitive cyclists have for their sport.”  She photographed seven individual stationary bicycle parts.  She reassembled them into a dynamic interpretation of the thrill of cycling at speed.

What is iPhoneography?  This relative new art form began sweeping the art scene around 2007 when one of the first version of iPhones were available to the general public.  ”iPhoneography is an art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone.  It’s a style of mobile photography that differs from other forms of digital photography in that images are shot and processed on the iOS device.” – wikipedia

“Initially I was impressed with the photographic capabilities of the iPhone but it was not until I was able to blend images that I realized the potential for abstraction, and I became obsessed with the medium.” – Sara McCracken

Sara’s background is in abstract painting and sculpture, prior to embracing iPhoneography.  She incorporates a variety of materials in her works, including steel, wood, stone and found objects.  ”It was a natural progression to incorporate my previous abstract sculptural explorations into my iPhone art.” said McCracken.

Unfortunately Sara will not be able to attend the reCYCLE pARTS event.  She is expecting her first grandchild around the show opening date!  Her piece will be displayed among the 19 selected pieces and will be available for purchase with 30% going to charities.

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