Tuesday, April 22, 2014

As Ivy works more and more with bicycle parts, she strives to bring out the femininity in each piece, rather than the masculine and sturdy motifs she so often come across. Cycling is not just for tough and athletic individuals; it can be refined, delicate, artful, feminine, and therapeutic.  Ivy wanted that idea to come through in her work and to inspire women in particular to take another look at what cycling can mean to them. “A Most Lovely Sound” ideally gives everyone a new look at what cycling can be in this rising culture of diverse tastes and styles. 

Ivy's boyfriend was the one who inspired her love for cycling over two years ago.  She had surgeries on both knees, so cycling allows her to stay active, competitive, and involved in her community without further injury.  Her boyfriend showed her how to find a riding style she could become passionate about and has since been the root of her artistic inspiration.

To purchase some of Ivy's creations or just to check out her work, please visit her website:  

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