Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holly Sommers is an Indianapolis-grown artist, conceptualizer, and experimenter. She is also the mother of four big kids and squeezer of everyone else’s small kids. Holly is part of the creative team at the community arts organization, Big Car Collaborative, helping bring art to people and people to art. And together with her husband, she owns the small creative agency, Sommersville, providing design, musical and artistic direction to people they like who do things that they admire. An alumnus of Herron School of Art + Design and a constant student of experiences, Holly enjoys serving her community, and supporting the initiatives of developing thinkers and doers. 

Holly's piece, entitled, “Patience, darling." is her first attempt at figurative sculpture, and using eye shadow. The boats are made from very old, hard rubber bike tires, and nothing has been cleaned. The concept stems both from personal struggle and empathy for family, friends and strangers who know just how it feels to endure outside influences on your internal soul. "In honor of all who have been kept from someone dear. Some things take strength. Some things take faith. All things take time.” 

The artist’s proceeds from the sale of this sculpture will be donated to Indiana Youth Group in support of the simplest truth: love.
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