Tuesday, April 15, 2014


David's art is often a mix of various objects and parts all cobbled together into one sculpture. He primarily works in found objects, but also enjoys sculpting or carving parts for inclusion in his work. "Part of the challenge is taking so many different objects and assembling them in a way that makes the viewer look at these items in a new light, or creating something that at first you may not even immediately notice the objects that were used."

You may often notice that the majority of his pieces include wings or wheels as part of the sculpture, this has to do with David's love of travel, or acknowledgement that everyone is on some sort of journey in life. Figures are often seen being transported to some unknown destination or ready to leap off and fly away. They carry or pull at items which may act to help or hinder them. Some figures are seemingly free, while others may be bound by vice or burden. Some are dark and foreboding, while others are jovial and spirited. 

Many of the items collected for this art have stories or lead to stories or adventures that would not have otherwise come about. This is part of the adventure that goes into the work. "I have explored and gone to places that I never before would have imagined going. I have met colorful people and heard amazing stories. Sometimes the very parts that are collected hold these stories, while at other times it is the place that they come from. It is most always a wonderful experience along the course to the finished sculpture."

His favorite parts are items that come from a whole different era, when things were crafted by hands. "Pre and Post WW2 items are my favorite, metal and wood objects along with older ephemera. These items are becoming more difficult to come by or have become too expensive to purchase, but the hunt for such things is part of the fun."

David studied Graphic Art at Ivy Tech in Evansville, Indiana before moving to Indianapolis to study Fine Arts at Herron School of Art and Design. He currently works out of his studio located at the Stutz building in downtown Indianapolis. David is a current Creative Renewal Fellow as awarded by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. 

For more information about David and to see more of David's creations, please visit his blog: The Mechanical Monkey
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