Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Indy Redefined

Monday, October 20, 2014

Beer lovers: Indy Redefined wants you


There will be beer.


Indy Redefined is a half-day conference Oct. 30 centering on some of the biggest and most exciting changes that are redefining industries across our city, the country and the world.


How is this relevant to you, the beer lover?

· Sun King Brewing's Clay Robinson is speaking.

· Sun King is sponsoring the happy hour between the conference and IndyHub’s 5x5.

· True to its name, there will be beer at happy hour.

· Other speakers you'll see either personally drink beer or most likely are good friends with someone who does — such as Julie Keefe, Creative Laureate of Portland (this year's #1 Best City for Beer Lovers) and Aman Brar, who may be able to tell you how many times ChaCha gets a beer question (though he's at Apparatus now).

· Your fellow conference attendees (at least a handful) will undoubtedly like beer.


Consider yourself officially invited to join us. It’s happening on Oct. 30 starting at 1 p.m. in the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway, Ind.


The event isn’t entirely about beer. The point is, we think that if you’re the kind of savvy, fun-loving person who likes Sun King, you’ll probably find something you like at Indy Redefined, too. 


There’s certainly more to know about Indy Redefined — and if you’re feeling ambitious, read up on Achieve and IndyHub, the conference organizers!


And yes, we think you should grab a ticket and join us for the day, and RSVP for 5x5 to party with us in the evening.


- Jenny Walton, Communications - IndyHub

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: FIDO

Monday, October 13, 2014

FIDO, Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, is an all-volunteer group, that focuses on helping dog owners to improve the quality of life for their outside dogs.
FIDO will be hosting a food drive at Sun King on Friday, October 17 from 3 to 7 p.m..  While you are visiting Sun King for Growler Fill Friday bring along a bag of dry dog or cat food (greatest need of cat food).

FIDO’s pet food pantry is in immediate need of food for our more than 350 pet food pantry clients, those of which include families in financial need who own pets, and community cat care-takers who manage cat colonies in neighborhoods throughout Marion County.
FIDO’s pet food pantry is open every first and third Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., and they distribute more than 10,000 pounds of food each month. (Clients can visit the pet food pantry once a month.) Since they are a fully volunteer-staffed, non-profit organization, we obtain the vast majority of our supplies from donations from pet food retailers, large grocery stores and warehouse stores. However, donation frequency and volume is unpredictable, so we also purchase supplies to ensure a continuous supply.

They have never had to close their doors since they launched the FIDO Pet Food Pantry in February 2010. There have been a few times when they have run out of food, but they worked extremely hard to proactively manage their resources and avoid stock-outs. So they need your help to ensure this track record is maintained to support our fellow residents who are in financial need.
In addition to feeding needy Indianapolis dogs and cats, the pet food pantry operation also allows us to help reduce the number of pets that wind up in the wrong hands (like dog fighters and backyard breeders), are surrendered into shelters, or left to roam the streets, and they also increase community awareness of the benefits of proper care and treatment of pets (like spaying and neutering!) and overall responsible pet ownership.
The FIDO Pet Food Pantry is located at 456 N Holmes Avenue, on the near-west side of downtown. We are co-located in the Indy Humane Animal Welfare Center.

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Heartland Film Festival 2014

Thursday, October 09, 2014

As the Exclusive Beer of the Heartland Film Festival, Sun King Brewing is pumped for the 23rd annual Heartland Film Festival (Oct. 16-25)!
Every October, the Heartland Film Festival gives moviegoers access to more than 100 visiting independent filmmakers from all over the world, right in the heart of the Midwest. Heartland showcases more than 130 entertaining movies that do more than just entertain over 10 days of red carpet premieres and events, parties and hundreds of film screenings across Indianapolis.

Check out this video:


You might not know this, but the Heartland Film Festival has earned the special designation of being a qualifying festival for the Annual Academy Awards® within the Short Films category. This means that the winner of the Grand Prize for Best Narrative Short Film will qualify for consideration in the Short Films category of the Annual Academy Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. This means you could meet future Oscar® winners and nominees right here in Indy!
See “Light Fly, Fly High” – Sponsored by Sun King Brewing
As a proud Heartland sponsor, Sun King is the key supporter of the documentary film “Light Fly, Fly High.” The film is about Thulasi, a young Indian woman in her 20s, who is willing to literally box her way out of poverty and into a better life. A Dalit or “untouchable” born outside of caste, she rejected her place on society’s lowest rung at an early age and was forced to leave her parents’ home when only 14. Ten years later, despite her impressive record in the ring, ranking third in India’s Light Fly category, Thulasi remains stuck at the bottom, deprived of opportunities she rightly deserves.

Check out this clip:
Despite an uphill battle against sexual harassment, poverty and the pressure to marry, Thulasi refuses to compromise herself and her goals and takes her destiny into her own hands. Filmed over three eventful years, the movie is a gripping and inspirational story of a courageous young woman who refuses to be anyone’s victim and ends up a hero of her own making against all odds.
See “Light Fly, Fly High” at the Heartland Film Festival:
-              Friday, Oct. 17 – 10:15 a.m., AMC Castleton Square 14
-              Friday, Oct. 17 – 4:15 p.m., AMC Castleton Square 14
-              Sunday, Oct. 19 – 3:15 p.m., AMC Castleton Square 14
-              Monday, Oct. 20 – 12:15 p.m., AMC Castleton Square 14
-              Tuesday, Oct. 21 – 5:00 p.m., AMC Traders Point Showplace 12
-              Wednesday, Oct. 22 – 7:30 p.m., AMC Castleton Square 14
-              Thursday, Oct. 23 – 5:00 p.m., AMC Traders Point Showplace 12
-              Saturday, Oct. 26 – 10:30 a.m., AMC Traders Point Showplace 12
Directors/Producers Beathe Hofseth and Susann Ostigaard scheduled to attend screenings on Friday, Oct. 17 at AMC Castleton Square 14.
Screening Venues & Tickets
With over 270 film screenings, moviegoers can check out movies at three different locations:
-              AMC Castleton Square 14
-              AMC Traders Point Showplace 12
-              Wheeler Arts Community in Fountain Square
View the full film lineup and purchase tickets at or by calling 1-866-HFF-1010. Advance screening tickets are $2 cheaper than at the box office price, so buy now and save.
We hear filmmakers love to meet up for drinks after a long day of screenings – buy your favorite filmmaker a Sun King and welcome them to Indianapolis!

Four Nuggets of Knowledge: CANvitational 2014 Tips

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This weekend marks the second annual CANvitational and I for one am really excited to see what the gang over at Sun King has brewed up (pun intended) for us this year.

 You might be asking yourself, “Who is this dude blogging about a craft beer festival?” “Does he even work at a brewery?” No, I don’t work in the “industry,” but I do love craft beer, have a pretty sweet beard, and festivals are kind of my bag. That makes me an expert, right?!?

 Anyway, I’ve been in the event/festival world for almost 15 years now and I was so impressed with what I saw at last year’s inaugural CANvitational that I pretty much begged Sun King to let me help in some way this year. After much pestering and repeated e-mails, they caved and said I can contribute by writing this guest blog post about the event itself and what you can expect.

So here are some things I experienced last year that convinced me that CANvitational was and will be a uniquely amazing festival you will not want to miss.


1) Safety – It’s a mindset, kids!

 Have you ever been to an event where there was little to no structure? One where volunteers were uninformed, food and beer lines snake around vendor tables and eventually joined into one big hot mess. One where you didn’t know if you were in the line for a taco, a margarita or the restroom. Now imagine that chaos if something bad were to happen and people started to scatter. Actually, let’s not think about that because you are not going to have to worry about it this Saturday.

I’ve been to plenty of festivals over the years and this is one of the best executed events I’ve ever attended. Yes, the atmosphere is amazing and the beer...oh the beer…is a thing to behold. But after having worked with the cats at Sun King for years now, I know they know how to deliver on the wow-factor. It’s the infrastructure of the thing that blew my mind! At no point in my can-beer-sampling-day did I ever feel unsafe or not cared for. From the helpful and smiling volunteers to the police officers keeping a watchful eye on things, I never felt rushed or watched. I knew if there were even the potential for a problem, someone would be on it. With that feeling, I could just enjoy my surroundings and the company I was with.

Let me put it this way: Well staffed, well informed and well organized. Go on, relax and enjoy yourself! In moderation, that is.

2) Adult Swim Time

This one is simple. I’ve been to plenty of gatherings fueled by booze and its inevitable that some, if not a large chunk, of the crowd is there for one thing and one thing only…to catch a buzz and tell their friends later that they got “sooooo wasted”. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve all done it. But sometimes it’s nice to see people get excited about the breweries at the event, the kind of thing that makes this craft beer lover’s heart skip a beat. Breweries like Revolution and Half Acre out of Chicago, Cigar City, Surley and one of my personal faves Vander Mills Ciders out of Michigan. Check out the complete list of breweries here. With a list of breweries like that, it’s a pretty sure bet the crowd going Saturday are there for quality not quantity.


3) Economic Development We Can All Toast To

It dawned on me early on in my love of Sun King that it wasn’t just a great product they were producing and I was consuming. There was more to it than that. There was a master plan that’s probably been in motion since the first batch of Johan was brewed years ago. A plan to take this city’s love of craft beer and turn it into a booming industry so much so other cities and states would sit up and take notice.

You have to agree that the booming industry part of that plan is progressing quickly. It seems like overnight, Downtown Indianapolis went from having two chain breweries to having almost a dozen craft breweries in a couple mile radius of the city center. Whatever side of town you live on there are small breweries popping up almost monthly and the beer they are cranking out is AMAZING.


That’s step one. The next step is to get this town on the map nationally when it comes to the craft beer industry. How do you do that, other than make great beer? You establish a one of a kind annual beer event where some of the nation’s best craft breweries canning their products all come together and share their wares with thirsty beer lovers.  Buying a ticket to CANvitational and drinking craft beer will, in both the short and long term, help our local economy. It’s that simple.


4) Use the Buddy System

What I’ve always respected most about the craft beer world is all the different partnerships and collaborations between the different breweries. The funny thing is, breweries like to keep their partnerships interestings - it’s kind of like the swinging 60s, but with beer.

At last year’s CANvitational, Sun King offered up Royal Brat, a collaboration with the heavy metal rock gods up at 3 Floyds Brewing. This ESB knocked my socks off and kept me coming back to the brewery for more.


This year’s collaboration, 30 Minute Coma, excites me beyond all belief as it’s a B.S.I.P.A. (Belgain Session IPA!) Brewed in collaboration with Solemn Oath Brewery out of Naperville, IL this beer is going to be one of the highlights of the day for sure. 

Those are my four nuggets of knowledge that I bestow upon you. Your now either really excited about the awesomeness you are about to experience this Saturday because you already have tickets, or you’re going to go out and buy a ticket to the CANvitational now! Get your tickets here in advance for $50. If you wait to get them at the door the price goes up to $60.

For all those hop heads I’m going to see Saturday, as always, make sure there is plenty of sun screen, water, food and a designated driver on your packing checklist. If the last one is an issue, do consider our friends at Uber for a inexpensive and safe ride home.


If you’re at the CANvitational Saturday come find me and say hi. I’ll be the nerdy guy with the sweet beard, in the Indy Film Fest t-shirt with a big smile on my face because I know I’m safe, surrounded by fellow beer geeks and helping the local economy all while drinking a brand new beer called 30 Minute Coma!


-Craig Mince, Board President - Indy Film Fest






Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: We're Camptown

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Every child, regardless of the path in which life has led them, should experience the life changing power of true adventure in a wild place.  Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always seem to be accessible to many of us in the heartland.  This cannot be a truer statement than it is for lower income children, especially those from urban areas. This is why we do what we do.

We’re Camptown.  We are an Indianapolis-based nonprofit staffed by passionate individuals who believe that nature provides us with the perfect platform for building leadership, teamwork, and character. We primarily serve the youth of Central Indiana. We’ve watched as children who’ve lost hope find it again in nature and we empower them to continue growing by overcoming challenges that they never thought they would encounter.  We’ve taught them about ecosystems and saw the light in their eyes as they watched a hawk grab a fish from a river.

We are not a residential camp, the youth we serve don’t usually come to us. Rather, we work with youth serving organizations to provide them with backpacking, hiking, whitewater rafting, orienteering, and environmental stewardship programs that they may not have the ability to provide for themselves. Regardless of the child’s individual ability to afford our programs, it’s our pleasure to ensure that they have the opportunity to experience nature as they never have before.

In 1991, our first year, we served less than 50 children.  In the last 23 years we’ve continued to grow, and in 2014 we served more than 3,000 youth.  91% of the youth we serve live in poverty, and we provide financial assistance to 99% of the programs that we run.

You’re Camptown, too.  We believe that what we are doing is important and we couldn’t have experienced such success without the help of a supportive and equally passionate community.  If you’d like to learn more about us, visit us online at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @CamptownIndy.  If you’d like to volunteer, make a donation, or explore other ways you can get involved in the adventure of a child’s lifetime, give us a call at (317) 471-8277.

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Indiana State Museum "Rise and Fall of Prohibition"

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition is coming to the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. From September 19th, 2014 through February 15, 2015, come learn about America’s biggest Constitutional hiccup.

On January 20, 1920, a new day dawned. As the 19th amendment went into effect, Americans could no longer manufacture, sell or transport intoxicating beverages. Prohibition was now part of the Constitution, holding the same status as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the abolition of slavery.

The politics behind the 18th amendment were much more complicated than a simple desire for the nation to be “wet” or “dry”. Women’s suffrage, immigration, taxes and more were all driving forces behind those arguing for and against Prohibition. American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition explores all of these factors, and also examines the ways in which Prohibition both succeeded and failed to meet its goals.

Indiana wasn’t exempt from the turmoil of forbidden alcohol. Rumrunners from Chicago and Kentucky – both hotbeds of illegal alcohol production – traversed the state. Well-known organized crime figures, including Al Capone and “Diamond” Jim Brady were particularly fond of staying in the grand hotels in the southern part of the state, including French Lick and West Baden. Of course, not everyone was trying to skirt Prohibition. The Reverend Billy Sunday was preaching to millions of teetotalers across America from his home base in Winona Lake, Indiana, entertaining listeners with fiery sermons about the “demon alcohol.”

More than anything, Prohibition was divisive, and it ignited passionate responses across the country and in the Hoosier heartland as well. Explore all of these issues, choose sides between the “wets” and the “drys,” and more at American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. For more information, visit

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites will host Indiana Spirits on Oct. 3 at the Indiana State Museum. Don’t miss this evening of food, drinks, entertainment, unique photo ops and so much more. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit and enter the code: KNOCKKNOCK.

A Toast to the Humble Can: CANvitational Preview

Monday, September 08, 2014

Twelve years ago, I lived in Bucktown on Chicago’s northwest side, and one day I noticed a new bar had popped up along my commute on Damen Avenue with a simple name: Cans.

I thought to myself, “Why would anyone want to go to place that serves beer in cans?!?” Consequently, I never set foot in the place.

Though Cans was probably conceived as a trip down memory lane for fraternity brothers to put back a few of their favorites from the bottom shelf, more and more of today’s craft brewers are turning to cans to package their beer.

While the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company delivered the first canned beer to its faithful following in 1935 (History Channel has the full story), it used to be that canned beer was only for the big boys of fermentation and synonymous with the cheap stuff. Certain canned beers are also popular with the hipster crowd.

But in 2002, Oskar Blues Brewery founder and owner Dale Katechis decided to package his craft beer in cans and launched a revolution.

SKB was pretty early to this revolution and in 2009 became the 53rd American Craft Brewery.  Today, there are more than 500 brewers who can. 

As my friend and SKB co-founder Clay Robinson is fond of saying, cans are a “superior vessel” for packaging craft beer. The reasons are plentiful. You can take it more places, it chills faster, and it blocks out beer’s two enemies: light and air, which in turn, maintains freshness and enhances quality.

On top of that, it’s a greener product as aluminum is infinitely recyclable and weighs less than glass. Since it lighter, less energy is necessary to get the product from the brewery to your local retailer. Another bonus for the can is more room for art and storytelling. Last and certainly not least, technological enhancements in the can liners have eliminated concerns of metallic taste.

The point of all this is the humble can deserves a celebration and some love. So what better way to honor craft canned beer than by inviting a bunch of great breweries that can to Indianapolis for the Second Annual Sun King CANvitational!

The CANvitational is the biggest celebration of canned beer this side of the Mississippi and throws down an exclamation point on Indiana’s growing list of breweries – currently at 92. While we’re bragging, slotted Indiana at 18th in a recent ranking of each state by its beer.

Need more reasons to join us on Georgia Street and Pan Am Plaza on September 20 for the CANvitational? How about the chance to sample the newest CANlaboration between SKB and Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville, Ill. Solemn Oath and Sun King will produce 30 Minute Coma, a Belgian Session IPA (yes, yes and yes). And just like last year’s scrumptious Royal Brat CANlaboration by SKB and Three Floyds, this is a brew that’ll only come around once – miss out at your own risk!

With 40+ breweries from around the country and two from the UK, you’ll also get the opportunity to taste a ton of beers that you simply can’t find in Central Indiana or even the Midwest.

And just like the famous month of May in Indianapolis, Septembers in Indy usually feature excellent weather. Let’s hope for a picturesque day downtown just like last year.

My advice: Don’t miss this unique celebration and make a weekend out of it. If you’re not from the area (or even if you are), check out some of Indy’s downtown restaurants, ride the Pacers Bikeshare around the highly acclaimed Indianapolis Cultural Trail and stay at one of Indy’s downtown hotels.

There’s still time to get your tickets for the CANvitational at a discount of $10 before the day of the event (if they last, that is).

One more thing, tell us which brewery from this list that you are most excited to taste and why in the comments section and we’ll select one commenter to win two tickets to the big event.

Ryan Puckett is principal of two21 LLC, a communication firm focused on sustainability. Sometimes people confuse him for the bartender at The Libertine. Contact Ryan at or on Twitter @rmpuckett.  

How Did I Get Here: Jacob Goodnight

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Meet Jacob Goodnight, Sun King Assistant Brewer, animal lover, and SKB Crew "Goldilocks".

Name: Jacob Goodnight

Nickname: Havuh…”as in have a good night”

Job Title/Duties: Assistant Brewer

How did you get here?

Jacob arrived at Sun King after three years in the retail industry. He obtained his degree from IU in apparel merchandising and soon after took a retail position in Martinsville. Two years post-graduation, Jacob found himself in a position he did not enjoy, manager at a Goodwill store. At the urging of his “old lady”, Jake decided to pursue his passion for beer and applied for a job at SKB. He quickly worked his way up the brewery latter to his current position of Assistant Brewer.

Toughest thing about being a brewer?

“The schedule”

Every Monday thru Friday the brewers at SKB work around the clock to brew a morning, mid, and late night batch of Fresh•Local•Beer.

Where are you from?

Jacob is from Pittsboro, Indiana, the town obscurely known for catfish and Jeff Gordon. Jacob did make sure to clarify that he does not personally care about Jeff Gordon and that the famous catfish restaurant of Frank and Mary’s was recently converted into a Dollar General.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Up until about a year ago, Jacob owned a 22 lb. pet skunk named Sprout. Whom he described as “like a needy cat”.

Favorite thing about working at SKB?

Jacob’s favorite thing about working at Sun King is being surrounded by unique and friendly people.

How do you keep your hair in such pristine condition?

Jacob is known for having some of the best man-hair around the brewery which he attributes to his diligent washing schedule and heavy conditioning. Jacob washes his hair every 2-3 days and is adamant about taking it easy on the shampoo. Recently, Jacob experimented with a “no-poo” approach, a strategy he did not recommend.

Hobbies outside of work?

Jacob spends much of his time outside of the brewery caring for all of his pets. He also enjoys sleeping.

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: About Special Kids

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

About Special Kids (ASK) is Indiana’s Parent to Parent organization that works throughout the state to give support, answer questions and provide information and resources to families of children with special needs. ASK staff are extensively and continually trained as well as parents of children with special needs; therefore, we can empathetically help other families and professionals understand the various systems that families encounter related to special needs.  ASK has a parent liaison in each region of the state with our central office location in Indianapolis.

ASK’s mission: Helping children with special needs live better lives by educating, empowering and connecting their families.

We define children with special needs as children with:

• Physical, mental, emotional disabilities
• Developmental delays
• Chronic or terminal illnesses
• Mental health concerns
• Behavioral disorders
• Learning disabilities and educational delays
  • • Children who have risk factors or who are showing signs of a suspected disability

As a parent, once you make contact with ASK you will be connected with a parent liaison.  Parent liaisons focus on teaching families how to anticipate child and family needs, identify appropriate resources, and access community systems to help them meet the needs of their children.  Additionally, ASK’s parent liaisons follow up with each family that contacts us. So...even if there is something that you forget to address during that first call you make, you will have plenty of contact with your liaison to answer your questions and anticipate future needs.  Follow-up calls are scheduled to cover information for families on pertinent topics such as special education, health care financing, respite, childcare and the medical home.


ASK was incorporated as the Indiana Parent Information Network in 1987 by two parents and two professionals who represented the perspectives of a family of a child with developmental disability, a family of a child with serious chronic illness, a professional in medical social services, and a professional in special education.

•  In 2013, ASK served a family in every county in the state helping more than 3,200 new families. ASK has served approximately 45,000 families and professionals since 1987. We make a difference in Indiana by:

  • • Connecting families who have children with a certain disability or chronic health condition to appropriate support groups.
  • • Educating families on various public health insurance options available.
  • • Training families on the rules & regulations of Indiana’s special education law.
  • • Finding childcare options for kids with special needs.

Another very important aspect of the education project is that ASK also provides information and trainings for professionals who work with children with special needs and their families.  ASK has tailored a workshop called “What Every Parent Wants You to Know” which provides the professional a unique insight into the daily lives, routines, stresses and history of a family of a child with special needs.  The goal is to let the professional understand the family’s perspectives and to use this insight to help address accommodations the child will need to be as successful as possible in a variety of settings.

ASK provides intensive services to families of children with special needs in conjunction with medical and behavioral case management received from these organizations. The range of services ASK provides families includes guidance on how to access essential community resources, 1 on 1 training regarding health care financing and education options, and parent to parent support. ASK also educates the care coordination personnel about community resources, education, health care financing options and disability issues.

For more information:

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Down Syndrome Indiana

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Down Syndrome Indiana is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, non-member organization serving the needs of individuals with Down syndrome along with their families, caregivers, teachers and employers. We are supported by a dedicated Board of Directors, a full time Executive Director, three additional staff persons, and numerous volunteers. Down Syndrome Indiana offers a wide variety of resources for families, medical professionals, and educators. We work to be a first response when there is a diagnosis of Down syndrome – whether prenatal or postnatal – with our New Parent Packet. This packet includes resources for support, medical information, as well as stories of fellow Indiana families with children with Down syndrome. Our efforts work to support families and build awareness and advocacy in our society. Down Syndrome Indiana continues supporting families through coordinated community groups to connect families all over Indiana. Many adults with Down syndrome volunteer as interns in our office to learn real world skills that they can carry on to meaningful employment. We host several events throughout the year such as our Holiday party, our Family Picnic, our annual Buddy Walk, and more! Some of our events are fund-raising activities that support not only Down Syndrome Indiana but also national research efforts through the National Down Syndrome Society. The programs and services of the organization are supported totally by individual and corporate donations, grants and special events.

Down Syndrome Indiana is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals from infancy through adulthood. We were the first Down syndrome advocacy organization in Indiana when we opened, nearly 17 years ago! We’ve helped pave the way for groups like Best Buddies, Gigi’s playhouse and more! In 2014, we’ve reached over 600 families in Indiana with a child or children with Down syndrome. We’ve helped host the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention with the help of over 450 volunteers – without whom we couldn’t have done it! At Down Syndrome Indiana, we are so blessed to be supported by the Indy community so we can continue to build the Down syndrome community here in Indiana. 

For more information please visit: