Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Teachers' Treasure

Tuesday, December 02, 2014



It's a pretty small amount.  Probably what you pay for a lunch out, a new album, that bestseller all your friends are reading.  But it can also have a BIG impact - like making sure a Marion county student has access to much-needed school supplies.


Thousands of Marion county students face school each day without the pencils, paper, notebooks, and other supplies required for academic success.  Teachers are often the ones who fill the void, spending on average $500-$700 per year of their own money to have a well-supplied classroom.



Fortunately many Indy teachers don't have to do it alone.   Teachers' Treasuresopened its doors to help teachers help kids by giving them access to FREE supplies for their students and classrooms.  Their retail-like store lets teachers from eligible schools (those with 40% or higher free or reduced lunch rate) take hundreds of dollars of supplies each month, with their only cost a small administrative fee at the beginning of the school year.



Getting school supplies into the hands of at-risk students is a big step toward closing the achievement gap, and you can help!  As Teachers' Treasures heads into 2015, they're asking for #15for15 - $15 to celebrate 15 years of serving Indy's teachers and kids.  That one small donation - the price of one lunch, that one album, that one book, gets $225 of supplies into the classroom (that's $15 of supplies for every $1 donated).


Are you ready to make a BIG impact this giving season?   Click hereto make a one-time or recurring gift.

Tis the season for giving! Teachers' Treasures

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


What items do you need to be successful at your job?


A computer. A phone. Maybe a notebook or planter.  No matter what tools you need, there's a good chance you have easy access to them, making it easy to achieve success.  But for thousands of Marion County students, obtaining the basic tools for success is a struggle--if not impossible--for their families.


That's where Teachers' Treasurescomes into play.  For almost fifteen years their doors have been open with the mission of helping teachers help kids.  Teachers from eligible Marion county schools-- those with a free or reduced lunch rate of at least 40%--can pay a small yearly fee to get access to hundreds of dollars of supplies each month for FREE.  Their retail-like store is filled with all of the staples, pencils, papers, crayons, scissors, art supplies for budding Picassos, or filing cabinets for the organized teacher.



But Teachers' Treasures can't do it alone!  They rely on support from the community to keep the doors open and the store running smoothly.  As they prepare to celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2015, they're kicking off the #15for15campaign.  Every $15 donation to Teachers' Treasures means getting $225 of supplies into classroom.  Where else can you stretch your to 15x value?


This giving season, consider making a small donation with a BIG impact on a child's future.   Click hereto make a one-time or recurring gift.

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: WE Farm Meat CSA Program

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sun King Community Partner Spotlight takes a look at WE Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm.

WE Farmaims to provide meat and eggs that are wholesome, healthy, and just plain delicious.  Eastern Owen County is home.  We raise grass-fed beef and woodlot/pastured hogs, pastured egg-laying and broiler chickens, pastured turkey, and lamb.


It's a truly local option - animals raised on-farm, butchered nine miles away and delivered in tens of food miles.  Our animals are raised humanely without antibiotics/hormones on a chemical-free and ecologically-sound farmscape.  


Products will be available through quarterly Meat CS sessions in 2015.  We are running a "Demo" session in December to provide Indianapolis foodies trail opportunity to enjoy the bounty and bliss that is WE Farm meat.  Participating in our program means you enjoy a 10% discount below our retail pricing, you get to custom-talior the contents of your shares, and we prepackage it all with a convenient delivery to Sun King Brewery.  


Trail CSA Share Options

"Total Beef"

5 lbs. ground, 2.5 lbs. prime cuts, 2.5 lbs. braising cuts.

$81 ($8.10/lb. avg.)


"Value Beef"

5 lbs. ground

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats, 2 lbs. prime cuts

$45 ($6.42/lb. avg.)


"Value Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Lamb"

2 lbs. ground lamb, 2 lbs. sausage, 2 lbs. prime cuts, 2 lbs. braising cuts.

$74 (9.29/lb. avg.)


"Pastured Broiler Chicken"

(2), 2.75 lb. whole, skin-on processed chickens

$22 ($4.06/lb. avg.)



Reserving your shares only takes minutes.  Select your share and indicate your desired contents conveniently by visiting our website ( and accessing the our online form from there.



On the form you will see an overview of the various shares, you may custom-tailor them by indicating your preferred contents, and you will provide your personal info to fully reserve your shares.  We will also be stopping by the Sun King Tasting Room on Friday, December 5th. We will assist you with taking orders or answer any questions that you may have. Once we have your orders, we will then bundle them up and have them available at Sun King Brewery on December 15th.

We Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm

Josh Egenolf and Laura Beth Wayne



Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Interview with therapy horse Rocky, equine ambassador for The Children’s TherAplay Foundation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing TherAplay


Located in Carmel, just north of I-465, The Children's TherAplay Foundationis a non-profit rehabilitation clinic for children ages 18 months to 13 years.  TherAplay incorporates the movement of horses, through a therapeutic intervention known as hippo therapy, into physical and occupational therapies for children with special needs.  Each week their specially-trained team of therapists, horse handlers, and therapy horses provides approximately 100 equine-assisted therapy treatments for children with medical needs such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and genetic disorders.


Four questions for TherAplay:

Who is Rocky?


Rocky is a 22 year-old Quarter horse that lives and works with 10 other therapy horses at TherAplay.  Rocky was once good at barrel-racing and came to TherAplay nine years ago.  It gave him new purpose and it's one that he loves: helping kids grow stronger and more independent.  Rocky also enjoys serving as TherAplay equine ambassador.

  TherAplay 1


How do the treatments Rocky is a part of help children with special needs?

So many when times children first come to TherAplay they are unable to do things that most children their age can do unassisted.  But, with help from Rocky and his physical and occupational therapist friends, they develop the strength and skills to be able to crawl, walk, run, get dressed, go up and down stairs, feed themselves independently, and more.  


What does Rocky do between therapy sessions?

Rocky is active on social media and blogging by sharing his life experiences, and involvement with the children that attend TherAplay.  You can follow him through various outlets including, TherAplay   blog, Facebook, and Twitter


Is there a way that supporters can help the children at TherAplay?

There are several ways for people to be a part of TherAplay.  Here are a few ideas:


Volunteeryour time or even donate services.

Keep in touchthrough the TherAplay e-newsletter and join them on social media. 

• Receive benefits from becoming a part of the TherAplay Partnership Program .

• Next time you are at the store, pick up a few items from their wish list.

•  Financial contributionsare always welcome.

TherAplay 2

For more about Rocky  and about TherAplay, please visit

Community Partner Spotlight: Trade School Indy

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If you've run into someone who said they were bringing dark chocolate in exchange for taking a Jazz class, or used the word barter recently, you were probably referring to Trade School Indianapolis. Trade School Indianapolis is part of an international collective of alternative, self-organized schools that run on barter. Two years ago we wrote a post about them on our blog when they were first getting started. Since then, a small group of individuals have volunteered their time to run and grow the project. What started as a few classes, grew to over 200 barter-based classes hosted in various areas of Indy.

What does this success mean? It means that the community supports this idea, there is a need for educational opportunities that aren't based on a monetary exchange, and that this learning environment creates a true sense of community you won't find anywhere else. Their efforts have proved that relationships of trust and mutual aid, the voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit, is what builds a community.

The really neat part about our branch here in Indianapolis is that it doesn't stop here. The Trade School collective consists of curious, rigorous, and compassionate people all over the world who volunteer their time to make Trade School happen. In 2014, our school became a coordinator for Trade School Everywhere, helping new Trade Schools open all over the world. Our branch has helped schools in Los Angeles. Port of Spain, West Africa, Halifax and even Hong Kong start their own school.

Like any growing organization though, their all volunteer efforts need support from the community to keep going. After two years of all-volunteer work, they've grown to the point where they have real monetary costs and need extra hands to continue running the school. If you've ever wanted to take a class on screenplay writing, sewing, changing a bicycle tire or worm composting, you want Trade School around.

While they could pursue support from large organizations or try and find a corporate sponsor, they wish to remain self-organized and be supported by the community. The membership model keeps Trade School accountable to the people who believe in their mission while validating their existence. If they hit their goal, their financial and volunteer support comes from the group of people who believe that there should be educational opportunities available such as Trade School.

Regretfully, they will be closing in 2015 without community support. Can you help keep their school open in 2015 by teaching classes, volunteering or paying an annual membership fee? You can learn more about their project and pledge your support here.

Late Night Fries and a Beer at the Anchor with Angela

Friday, November 07, 2014

“Late night fries and a beer at the Anchor with Angela.”



So recalls, fondly, one of the characters in “Lightning and Jellyfish,” my new play running at Theatre on the Square through Nov. 9. It’s about the life of a woman from her Jersey shore days onward, fueled by music (primarily Springsteen and Dylan) and a search for honesty.

On the surface, the “late night fries and a beer” line doesn’t say much. But underneath it, I hope, rests memories that anyone (over legal age) has of conversations spent with a friend, new or old, discussing matters, large or small, over cold ones. Such nights populate some of my fondest memories of growing up in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Grabbing a beer at one of the local drinkeries is something I hope people do after seeing the play, which I’m thrilled is being staged at Mass Ave’s most visible theater.

As a theater junkie, I’ve got a lot of opinions about the art and craft of playmaking. One of them is that theaters don’t do enough to engage patrons after they see a show. Sure, there’s the occasional post-show talkback or please-fill-this-out survey. But, in an ideal world, every theater lobby would be open after the show for beers and talk.

The fries are optional.

--Lou Harry

Lightning and Jellyfish runs at Theatre on the Square through November 9th. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: New Year's Eve at the IMA

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

New Year’s Eve at the IMA presented by The Penrod Society



Trendy libations, exclusive performances and inventive new spaces are just a few of the perks that partygoers can experience at the third annual New Year’s Eve at the IMA presented by The Penrod Society.  With open bars featuring beer provided by Sun King Brewing Co. and liquor provided by Republic National Distributing Company, this is set to be the area’s prime destination to ring in the New Year.


In the party hub—the soaring Pulliam Family Great Hall—revelers can enjoy live music, interactive food stations, champagne and luxury cocktails. With this, guests are invited to experience more than 5,000 years of art history as they explore the museum galleries, including the special exhibition, Georgia O’Keeffe and the Southwestern Still Life. This year’s theme, Reveal, will treat guests to a new space, performance or activity every hour, including a swanky outdoor lounge and contemporary gallery mixology bar.



Ticket packages include:


  • Champagne Package:
Start the party an hour early at 8 p.m. and receive special access to private bars and lounges throughout the evening. Tickets are $200 per guest ($155 of each reservation is fully tax-deductible.)


  • NYE Reveler:
Enjoy international cuisine, luxury cocktails and live entertainment from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.  Tickets are $125 for IMA members ($80 of each reservation is fully tax-deductible) and $150 for non-members ($105 of each reservation is fully tax-deductible.)


Tickets can be purchased by calling 317-923-1331 ext. 494 or online at


The IMA would like to thank its sponsors for NYE at the IMA presented by The Penrod Society, which include: The Penrod Society as the event’s title sponsor; J.P. Morgan Chase, Kahn’s Catering, and Macy’s as supporting sponsors; Eskenazi Health Foundation, Indianapolis Monthly, and Republic National Distributing Company as contributing sponsors; as well as IndyHub, Lumina Foundation, Parr Richey Obremskey Frandsen & Patterson LLP, Preppy Guide to Life, and Sun King Brewing Co. as basic sponsors.





Pints & Flights Now Available at Sun King Brewery

Monday, November 03, 2014

It’s the beginning of a whole new era…


The number one complaint we’ve had about the Tasting Room from the very beginning is that you can’t actually drink a beer while you’re there. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we strive to constantly make changes for the better, so starting today we’ll be serving full size glasses of beer in the Tasting Room.


Our new hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10am-7pm and Saturday from 1-5pm. Growler Fill Fridays are too busy to make changes to and we will stick to the program of tickets for sampling and beer to go.


One of the reasons we’ve been unable to serve pints until now is because we didn’t have a kitchen area that would allow us to meet the state minimum food requirement. For those that are unaware of what that means, Indiana law requires that in order to serve beer by the glass, a brewery must have available hot sandwiches, hot soup, coffee and milk for at least 25 people. It’s a law that dates back to the late 1970’s, but it’s the law none-the-less, so we’ve built out a food preparation area that will allow us to be compliant and give the people what they want: Full size glasses of beer!


Our food program will rival our friends down at New Albanian’s Bank Street Brew House, so be aware that we are not making the leap into the restaurant business and you will be underwhelmed by the options, but this is about drinking beer in a brewery not sparking a food revolution. We will have a rotation of food trucks on site every Wednesday and Thursday. In the event that one is unavailable we will offer menus from local restaurant partners that carry our beer and offer delivery. Carry in food and beverages will be prohibited.


With this awesome new feature come other changes of course. You will still be able to taste any beer that we have on tap, but tastes will be just that, 1oz tastes. We will be offering Sample Flights for $6 that will get you 3oz samples of each of our House Beers and three seasonal/specialty beers. Complimentary sampling will be limited to Growler Fill Friday.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this and that we see you in the Tasting Room soon for a pint of Fresh•Local•Beer!

For more information, please visit our Tasting Room Pint Sales Information Page.

Save Your Tabs Collection Challenge Holiday 2014 Edition

Monday, November 03, 2014

It's that time of year again for holiday parties and family gatherings.  When people get together, that means people will be gathering for good times, and perhaps some Fresh•Local•Beer in cans!

Sun King challenges you to help out with the Sun King Save Your Tabs Collection Holiday Challenge benefitting Ronald McDonald House of Indiana .  We ask that you, our beloved fans, friends, and family, to help collect aluminum tabs.  The tabs you collect can be of any aluminum tab variation, from a can of Fresh•Local•Beer, energy drink, soda, or canned water!  Since the holiday season is almost underway, what better way than to unite with your friends, family, and co-workers on collecting as many tabs as you can for the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana.  

What do you think of when you think of a can tab?

An can tab is not just a piece of aluminum that helps open up your delicious Fresh•Loca•Beer, to the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, one of Sun King’s Community Partners, it is a valuable resource. For over 15 years the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana has been collecting aluminum tabs to recycle them and generate much-needed funds to cover operating costs and support all of the families served.

Who is the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana and what do they do?

Every year approximately 1,500 families stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana while their children receive life-saving treatments at Indianapolis-area hospitals, primarily Riley Children’s Hospital.

The Ronald McDonald House focuses on those families with critically ill or injured child. The Ronald McDonald House is the only organization in Central Indiana that provides low-cost, short-to-long-term lodging to these families.  Funds received from the recycling of the tabs adds up to around $30-$50K annually.  These funds go towards the operating expenses of the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana and can cover the cost of operating 3 rooms in the House for an entire year. 

The Save Your Tabs Holiday Collection Challenge started on November 3rd, 2014 and will run until January 10th, 2015. 
On Saturday, January 10th, we ask that you stop by the brewery to drop off your collected tabs.  We will weigh your tabs and reward you with prizes, and then we’ll deliver the collective bounty of tabs to the Ronald McDonald House where it will go to help those in need!

Prizes are detailed below: 

• 1 to 4.9 lbs: $5 Gift Card 

• 5 to 9.9 lbs: $5 Gift Card and a SKB Pint Glass 

• 10 to 19.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card 

• 10 to 49.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card PLUS one entry in a drawing for a $75 SKB Gift Bag 

• 50 to 99.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card, one entry for $75 SKB Gift Bag PLUS one entry in a drawing for a Private Brewery Tour/Tasting for up to 10 people 

• 100+ lbs: $10 Gift Card, one entry for $75 SKB Gift Bag, one entry in a drawing for a Private Brewery Tour/Tasting for up to 10 people PLUS $25 Gift Card with access to the SKB Private Cellar (full of specialty cans not generally available). 

If you want to feel even better about cracking open a can of Fresh•Local•Beer then please join in the fun and help Sun King and The Ronald McDonald House of Indiana help families in need.

For more information about the contest, please contact Heather Hall. If you would like more information about the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, please visit:

Sun King Brewery King's Reserve Bourbon Barrel-aged Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil

Thursday, October 23, 2014

666: WTF?!?!


October 30th will see the release of our 666th batch of beer, aptly named Sympathy for the Devil (I think it’s an important point of reference that we recently brewed our 1814th batch). Batch 666 is a unique and complex beer that was recently honored with a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Strong Ale category.


When we release Batch 666 next Thursday at noon, there will likely be a line and there will definitely be a limit on the number of cans each individual can buy. With a cost of $25 for a 2-pack, there will also be a number of people who are upset about the price! Therefore, we thought it would be good to share a little bit more information about the Sun King Brewery King’s Reserve series, this particular beer, and how supply and demand works for a constantly growing brewery like ours.



The Sun King Brewery King’s Reserve series takes advantage of a packaging technology called Alumi-Tek that was developed by Ball Corporation and is currently only utilized by four breweries in the United States. Two of those breweries are part of an international conglomerate, and the other two are Oskar Blues and Sun King. The project to create a filler/capper that would meet the needs of Craft Brewers was undertaken as a joint project by Ball, Cask Brewing Systems, Sun King and Oskar Blues in 2012, and took nearly six months of conversation, collaboration, and innovation to complete.



The end result is a very manual operation that is an adaptation of the original two head canner that Cask built and Oskar Blues implemented to kick off the craft canning revolution over 12 years ago. The entire operation takes six people to can a whopping six cans a minute! I like to say it’s putting the hand back in hand crafted, but all joking aside, it gives us a way to package our smallest batch, rarest beers from our Bourbon Barrel and Wild Fermentation Series.  Each of these beers are lovingly cared for in an adjacent building to our original brewery spacethat contains two separate 2,000 square foot, temperature controlled barrel aging room.

The Alumi-Tek project was amazing to be a part of, costly to implement, but ultimately beneficial to our beer and the conditions in which it can be served. Alumi-Tek can have to be purchased in very large quantities (68,000 at time - hence the universal design and hand stickered cans) and their cost is three times your typical aluminum can. Our Alumi-Tek filler (which is manufactured in Canada) and capper (which is manufactured in Japan) cost upwards of $75,000 dollars, so in packaging alone, we have incurred a significant and unusual cost to produce just six cans a minute. 


Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil is a Belgian-style Black Ale, which isn’t currently considered its own style by the Brewers Association. It might be easier to think of the Batch 666 as an Imperial Porter or Stout that was fermented with a unique blend of 6 Belgian yeasts. Our Head Brewer Dave Colt selected these particular varieties of yeast based on the unique flavor profiles they would impart on the beer. We brewed Batch 666 in 2012 and when it finished fermenting it weighed in at 10.5% alcohol by volume.

The beer was delicious, but the heat from the alcohol was so overwhelming that it needed to be cellared for a while in order for its full flavors to develop. Unlike the process used in creating our usual assortment of house, seasonal, and specialty beers, cellaring a beer takes space and a vessel or vessels to do so. We were fortunate enough to purchase a used bright beer tank from Caldera Brewing in Oregon, which we had shipped in in order to hold the beer and others like it in the future.  


After cellaring 666 for nearly a year, we moved it into a variety of spent Bourbon Barrels. We are fortunate that our proximity to Kentucky gives us access to lots of bourbon barrels, but since distilleries can only use virgin oak barrels to age bourbon, they like to recoup a portion of their investment. Each barrel holds 50 gallons and costs somewhere between $100 and $200 per barrel, depending on what was in it and for how long. 

Our Barrel Aging Program has over 300 barrels in process and we store these barrels at cool temperatures in order to maintain the integrity of the beer and ensure that it is optimally delicious at the end of the process. Our average beer in a bourbon barrel ages for nine to twelve months and each barrel ages at its own pace. When we feel the balance of beer and spirit has reached its peak, we extract the beer into kegs and wait for the other barrels until they have attained the desired flavor and character. It’s amazing that two barrels that housed the same spirit in the same ricking house for the same amount of time will develop at a completely different rate and often create different flavor profiles. Once we are sure that each and every barrel has reached its peak, we release the beer to the public.



The price of these beers is directly the results of all these efforts, the cost to produce the base beer, the wages of the people who make the brewery work, the cost of the barrels, the time it takes to mature, the space aging takes up, the costs of packaging,and, lastly, how much of the beer is available. Just like any other business, we use the basic law of supply and demand to help us determine the fair price of our products. 

Given that each packaging run from the Sun King Brewery King’s Reserve series yields an average of 50 cases of beer and that these beers are packaged in two packs, we end up with 400 units of available beer. In addition to that limited supply, we realize that there is a strong demand for a beer that was recently judged at the Great American Beer Festival® as one of the best Barrel Aged Strong Beers in the country.  For every person that thinks $25 per 2-pack is absurd, there are a good number of people that would be happy to have the opportunity to buy two. 


I think it’s important to note that 2 x Alumi-Tek cans has the same volume of beer as a liter bottle. Unlike other similarly priced large bottle barrel aged beers, these two packs provide you with the opportunity to drink them in more than one sitting. You can drink one and save the other, or you can drink half of one can, reseal it like a growler and then enjoy the other half the next day.


We have quickly learned that as a brewery, we cannot please everyone. Our first rare beer release was Johan the Barleywine, and we did an online reservation that sold out in minutes. Only a handful of people got the opportunity to make a reservation and sadly, half of the people never came to pick up their beer. The leftover cans were eventually released on a first come, first served basis, and the whole process was a big mess and a pain in the ass for everyone involved, so we moved on to new options.

We tried releasing on a Friday, but Fridays are crazy busy at the brewery already. We tried it on Thursdays at 4pm, but found that most people are still at work. Our current approach is to release the beer at noon on Thursday so that people can hopefully stop by out on their lunch breaks, but of course that doesn’t work for everyone either.

We have typically had a limit of 2 x 2-packs per person, so we are talking about limiting it to 1 x 2-pack per person in order to ensure that more people have the opportunity to enjoy these beers. We’re still not sure what the best method is, but we’ll continue to discuss, debate and do our best to make it better.

To summarize, I would like to apologize in advance for anyone who is upset about the cost and/or availability of Barrel Aged Batch 666 and any of our past or future Sun King Brewery King’s Reserve releases. We are doing the best to continue to operate, grow, hire more people and make the best beer possible, all while sharing it with as many craft beer lovers as we can.


Clay Robinson


Sun King Brewing Company