Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Red Cross of Indiana

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



March is Red Cross Month:

A Time to Recognize Everyday Heroes


During Red Cross Month, the American Red Cross recognizes our country’s everyday heroes – heroes who reach out to help people in need. These are the people who -

  • • Help tornado victims locate their lost family members.
  • • Wrap a warm blanket around a child whose family home has burned down.
  • • Give blood to help a stranger.
  • • Brighten the day of an injured service member who is in a hospital far from home.
  • • Take one of our lifesaving classes and step forward to assist someone having a heart attack or to save a drowning child.

President Barack Obama has proclaimed March as Red Cross Month across the country, a tradition upheld by each of our nation’s leaders since President Franklin D. Roosevelt first recognized Red Cross Month in 1943.


“For more than 130 years, the devoted women and men of the American Red Cross have responded to challenges at home and abroad with compassion and generosity. In times of conflict and great tragedy, they deliver humanitarian relief, save lives, and offer hope for a brighter tomorrow,” the proclamation reads. “Their service has meant so much to so many, and it reflects a fundamental American truth: we look out for one another and we do not leave anyone behind. This month, we renew our sense of common purpose and honor all those whose sacrifices have made our society more prepared, resilient, and united.”

The Red Cross has a long-standing relationship with the White House dating back to 1913 and President Woodrow Wilson. In 1906 a largely ceremonial office of president was added to the Red Cross leadership. In 1913, President Wilson agreed to serve in this role. This began a tradition that continues today whereby the president of the United States serves as honorary chairman of the American Red Cross. The Red Cross is not a government agency and does not receive a regular appropriation from Congress.


The American Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 disasters every year. It provides 24-hour support to members of the military, veterans and their families at home and around the world; collects and distributes about 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply and trains millions of people in first aid, water safety and other life-saving skills.


Red Cross Month is a great time to become part of the Red Cross. You can work on a preparedness plan with members of your household so you are ready for emergencies. You can become a Red Cross volunteer. Or you can give blood or a financial donation.


redcross facts

More information is available on how you can help through your local Red Cross chapter, or by visiting


Please #BeAHero by supporting the @INRedCross this March

$6 Growler Fill Friday PLUS Pints and Sampling Flights

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

You spoke, we listened and now you can enjoy a pint of Fresh•Local•Beer everyday we’re open!


Starting this Friday, February 6th, Sun King will offer pints and sampling flights for you to enjoy.


Here is how it works: Sun King will offer all patrons three (3) complimentary sampling tickets for you to try any combination of our available beers. You can sample from our seasonal and specialty lineup or revisit an old favorite, Sunlight Cream Ale • Wee Mac Scottish Ale • Osiris Pale Ale.


Don't worry… Friday Growler Fills are still only $6 for House Beers so you can stock up on beer for the weekend. Full size beers will be $5 each (size varies based on alcohol content) or you can choose a full sample flight of six (6) 3 oz samples featuring a mix of House and Seasonal/Specialty Beers for only $6. 



Cooking with Sun King: Barrel-Aged Timmie Beef Jerky

Monday, January 26, 2015

There are two things that we love most at Sun King - craft beer and tasty food!

Sun King's Barrel-Aged Guru, Andrew Hood, shared with us a recipe for homemade beef jerky.  This simple snack is perfect to impress your friends during the Big Game this weekend.  Andrew used Sun King King's Reserve Barrel-Aged Timmie in this Beef Jerky recipe that will leave your mouth watering for more.





Cooking with Sun King: Barrel-Aged Timmie Beef Jerky


Beef Jerky Marinade:

4 lbs of Round Steak

4 Tablespoons Onion Powder

1 ½ teaspoons Cracked Pepper “Black”

1 ¼ teaspoons Garlic Powders

1 pinch Italian Seasoning

1 teaspoon Cracked Sea Salt

1 cup Soy Sauce

½ cup Worcestershire Sauce

1 Tablespoon Sriracha

1 can of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Timmie (Imperial Stout)


Other Ingredients:

4 lbs of Round Steak


Other Items Needed:

Wooden skewers

Aluminum foil


Mix all marinade ingredients in large bowl and set aside. Cut Round Steak into ¼ inch strips place into large bowl. Pour marinade over beef. Make sure all pieces of beef are covered in marinade. Cover bowl. Place in Marinade over night (18-24 hours).

Take top wire rank out of oven and turn it around in the oven. Place aluminum foil on bottom rack to catch juices.

After marinating the beef, take wooden skewers, and press into the top end of the larger end of the slice. Place skewered meat on top rack rails to “hang” meat.


Turn oven on to 170F. Leave oven door open a crack. By not having the door closed all of the way, you are letting the moisture escape and drying out the meat faster than normal. Once everything is set in place, let the slow dehydration begin.


Allow meat to continue to dehydrate for 4 to 4 ½ hours. Let meat cool in oven, remove meat skewers from racks, place on plate. Once meat has cooled enough to touch, remove skewers. 

Happy New Year from Sun King!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year from Sun King!


It's been another exciting and fun-filled year around the brewery and water to take a minute to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who continue to support our efforts, enjoy our beer, and share it with friends and family!


It is likely that you have seen or heard something recently about some challenging issues that Sun King is facing.  We recently made the difficult decision to cut ties with our distribution partners because at our current, maximum legal rate of production, we will be unable to sustain the business in our home market throughout 2015.  Producing more than 30,000 barrels (Each barrel is approximately 2 kegs. 30,000 barrels is equal to 60,000 kegs) - a limit set forth by state law - would have dire consequences to our business.  Exceeding the limit would eliminate Sun King's ability to operate our Tasting Room and distribute our beer close to home.  Both of these are part of our DNA and paramount to our success as a small, homegrown brewery.




Our goal is to continue to grow as demand dictates, create more Indiana jobs and make the best beer possible, while selling it in Indiana.  We hope that you will support our efforts by contacting your state representatives in the Indiana House and Senate so that we can work together to update Indiana's brewing laws and again partner with distributors and share our Fresh•Local•Beer throughout Indiana.  


We are hopeful that Indiana laws will be updated to increase the current limit and allow us to produce and distribute more beer in Indiana.  The Brewers of Indiana Guild will be lobbying for this increase at the next legislative session and this change will help not only Sun King, but 3 Floyds, Upland, and eventually many other Indiana breweries as local craft beer sales continue to grow throughout Indiana.  If we are successful then we can increase our production capacity and once again provide beer to consumers throughout Indiana.  Until then, we'll continue to deal with the challenges created by the 30,000-barrel limit.  


If you are curious about our progress on our Fishers location, we are still in the planning phases and have found that building something of this scale from the ground up is arduous, time consuming, and costly.  We continue to revise and refine our plans in hopes of getting our additional location up and running in 2015.  We will continue to keep you posted as things develop and we look forward to sharing our vision and a beer with you.




News on Bourbon Barrel-Aged Timmie

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Sun King King's Reserve Bourbon Barrel-Aged Timmie was released just a few short weeks ago. There has been some concern from a few customers regarding the coagulated proteins found in their can.

The proteins are flavorless and completely safe but a little weird to be sure. This can occur in bigger bold beers like Russian Imperial Stouts. Many other breweries have experienced the same thing happening with some of other brews.


Here's more information on our findings, as well as, others findings:


Timmie Protein



Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Teachers' Treasure

Tuesday, December 02, 2014



It's a pretty small amount.  Probably what you pay for a lunch out, a new album, that bestseller all your friends are reading.  But it can also have a BIG impact - like making sure a Marion county student has access to much-needed school supplies.


Thousands of Marion county students face school each day without the pencils, paper, notebooks, and other supplies required for academic success.  Teachers are often the ones who fill the void, spending on average $500-$700 per year of their own money to have a well-supplied classroom.



Fortunately many Indy teachers don't have to do it alone.   Teachers' Treasuresopened its doors to help teachers help kids by giving them access to FREE supplies for their students and classrooms.  Their retail-like store lets teachers from eligible schools (those with 40% or higher free or reduced lunch rate) take hundreds of dollars of supplies each month, with their only cost a small administrative fee at the beginning of the school year.



Getting school supplies into the hands of at-risk students is a big step toward closing the achievement gap, and you can help!  As Teachers' Treasures heads into 2015, they're asking for #15for15 - $15 to celebrate 15 years of serving Indy's teachers and kids.  That one small donation - the price of one lunch, that one album, that one book, gets $225 of supplies into the classroom (that's $15 of supplies for every $1 donated).


Are you ready to make a BIG impact this giving season?   Click hereto make a one-time or recurring gift.

Tis the season for giving! Teachers' Treasures

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


What items do you need to be successful at your job?


A computer. A phone. Maybe a notebook or planter.  No matter what tools you need, there's a good chance you have easy access to them, making it easy to achieve success.  But for thousands of Marion County students, obtaining the basic tools for success is a struggle--if not impossible--for their families.


That's where Teachers' Treasurescomes into play.  For almost fifteen years their doors have been open with the mission of helping teachers help kids.  Teachers from eligible Marion county schools-- those with a free or reduced lunch rate of at least 40%--can pay a small yearly fee to get access to hundreds of dollars of supplies each month for FREE.  Their retail-like store is filled with all of the staples, pencils, papers, crayons, scissors, art supplies for budding Picassos, or filing cabinets for the organized teacher.



But Teachers' Treasures can't do it alone!  They rely on support from the community to keep the doors open and the store running smoothly.  As they prepare to celebrate their 15th anniversary in 2015, they're kicking off the #15for15campaign.  Every $15 donation to Teachers' Treasures means getting $225 of supplies into classroom.  Where else can you stretch your to 15x value?


This giving season, consider making a small donation with a BIG impact on a child's future.   Click hereto make a one-time or recurring gift.

Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: WE Farm Meat CSA Program

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Sun King Community Partner Spotlight takes a look at WE Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm.

WE Farmaims to provide meat and eggs that are wholesome, healthy, and just plain delicious.  Eastern Owen County is home.  We raise grass-fed beef and woodlot/pastured hogs, pastured egg-laying and broiler chickens, pastured turkey, and lamb.


It's a truly local option - animals raised on-farm, butchered nine miles away and delivered in tens of food miles.  Our animals are raised humanely without antibiotics/hormones on a chemical-free and ecologically-sound farmscape.  


Products will be available through quarterly Meat CS sessions in 2015.  We are running a "Demo" session in December to provide Indianapolis foodies trail opportunity to enjoy the bounty and bliss that is WE Farm meat.  Participating in our program means you enjoy a 10% discount below our retail pricing, you get to custom-talior the contents of your shares, and we prepackage it all with a convenient delivery to Sun King Brewery.  


Trail CSA Share Options

"Total Beef"

5 lbs. ground, 2.5 lbs. prime cuts, 2.5 lbs. braising cuts.

$81 ($8.10/lb. avg.)


"Value Beef"

5 lbs. ground

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats, 2 lbs. prime cuts

$45 ($6.42/lb. avg.)


"Value Pork"

5 lbs. sausage or brats

$27 ($5.40/lb. avg.)


"Total Lamb"

2 lbs. ground lamb, 2 lbs. sausage, 2 lbs. prime cuts, 2 lbs. braising cuts.

$74 (9.29/lb. avg.)


"Pastured Broiler Chicken"

(2), 2.75 lb. whole, skin-on processed chickens

$22 ($4.06/lb. avg.)



Reserving your shares only takes minutes.  Select your share and indicate your desired contents conveniently by visiting our website ( and accessing the our online form from there.



On the form you will see an overview of the various shares, you may custom-tailor them by indicating your preferred contents, and you will provide your personal info to fully reserve your shares.  We will also be stopping by the Sun King Tasting Room on Friday, December 5th. We will assist you with taking orders or answer any questions that you may have. Once we have your orders, we will then bundle them up and have them available at Sun King Brewery on December 15th.

We Farm: The Wayne-Egenolf Farm

Josh Egenolf and Laura Beth Wayne



Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Interview with therapy horse Rocky, equine ambassador for The Children’s TherAplay Foundation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing TherAplay


Located in Carmel, just north of I-465, The Children's TherAplay Foundationis a non-profit rehabilitation clinic for children ages 18 months to 13 years.  TherAplay incorporates the movement of horses, through a therapeutic intervention known as hippo therapy, into physical and occupational therapies for children with special needs.  Each week their specially-trained team of therapists, horse handlers, and therapy horses provides approximately 100 equine-assisted therapy treatments for children with medical needs such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and genetic disorders.


Four questions for TherAplay:

Who is Rocky?


Rocky is a 22 year-old Quarter horse that lives and works with 10 other therapy horses at TherAplay.  Rocky was once good at barrel-racing and came to TherAplay nine years ago.  It gave him new purpose and it's one that he loves: helping kids grow stronger and more independent.  Rocky also enjoys serving as TherAplay equine ambassador.

  TherAplay 1


How do the treatments Rocky is a part of help children with special needs?

So many when times children first come to TherAplay they are unable to do things that most children their age can do unassisted.  But, with help from Rocky and his physical and occupational therapist friends, they develop the strength and skills to be able to crawl, walk, run, get dressed, go up and down stairs, feed themselves independently, and more.  


What does Rocky do between therapy sessions?

Rocky is active on social media and blogging by sharing his life experiences, and involvement with the children that attend TherAplay.  You can follow him through various outlets including, TherAplay   blog, Facebook, and Twitter


Is there a way that supporters can help the children at TherAplay?

There are several ways for people to be a part of TherAplay.  Here are a few ideas:


Volunteeryour time or even donate services.

Keep in touchthrough the TherAplay e-newsletter and join them on social media. 

• Receive benefits from becoming a part of the TherAplay Partnership Program .

• Next time you are at the store, pick up a few items from their wish list.

•  Financial contributionsare always welcome.

TherAplay 2

For more about Rocky  and about TherAplay, please visit

Community Partner Spotlight: Trade School Indy

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If you've run into someone who said they were bringing dark chocolate in exchange for taking a Jazz class, or used the word barter recently, you were probably referring to Trade School Indianapolis. Trade School Indianapolis is part of an international collective of alternative, self-organized schools that run on barter. Two years ago we wrote a post about them on our blog when they were first getting started. Since then, a small group of individuals have volunteered their time to run and grow the project. What started as a few classes, grew to over 200 barter-based classes hosted in various areas of Indy.

What does this success mean? It means that the community supports this idea, there is a need for educational opportunities that aren't based on a monetary exchange, and that this learning environment creates a true sense of community you won't find anywhere else. Their efforts have proved that relationships of trust and mutual aid, the voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit, is what builds a community.

The really neat part about our branch here in Indianapolis is that it doesn't stop here. The Trade School collective consists of curious, rigorous, and compassionate people all over the world who volunteer their time to make Trade School happen. In 2014, our school became a coordinator for Trade School Everywhere, helping new Trade Schools open all over the world. Our branch has helped schools in Los Angeles. Port of Spain, West Africa, Halifax and even Hong Kong start their own school.

Like any growing organization though, their all volunteer efforts need support from the community to keep going. After two years of all-volunteer work, they've grown to the point where they have real monetary costs and need extra hands to continue running the school. If you've ever wanted to take a class on screenplay writing, sewing, changing a bicycle tire or worm composting, you want Trade School around.

While they could pursue support from large organizations or try and find a corporate sponsor, they wish to remain self-organized and be supported by the community. The membership model keeps Trade School accountable to the people who believe in their mission while validating their existence. If they hit their goal, their financial and volunteer support comes from the group of people who believe that there should be educational opportunities available such as Trade School.

Regretfully, they will be closing in 2015 without community support. Can you help keep their school open in 2015 by teaching classes, volunteering or paying an annual membership fee? You can learn more about their project and pledge your support here.