Monday, August 31, 2015

At the end of 2014, Sun King made the headlines when we decided to cut ties with our distribution partners because we were producing beer at Indiana’s maximum legal rate of production for a Small Brewer and without changes to Indiana’s archaic laws governing breweries, Sun King would not be able to sustain the business in our home market throughout 2015. Producing more than 30,000 barrels— a limit set forth by state law – would have had dire consequences to our business. Exceeding the limit would eliminate Sun King's ability to operate our Tasting Room and distribute our beer close to home. Both of these things are part of our DNA and paramount to our success as a small, independent, homegrown brewery.


At the begining of 2015, Sun King joined forces with Three Floyds to create the Support Indiana Brewers public action campaign, which allowed thousands of Hoosier Craft Beer Enthusiasts to voice their support for updating Indiana’s laws governing breweries. Thanks to the support of so many citizens and the help of our allies in Indiana’s House and Senate, we were successful protecting Indiana’s Small Brewer’s right to operate Tasting Rooms, while raising the production cap to 90,000 barrels and protecting the right to self-distribute up to 30,000 barrels.


Following our wins at the State House, our expansion efforts have allowed us to produce more beer and beginning today, Sun King is making our first step back into wider distribution!


We have re-engaged Monarch Beverage to cover 18 counties in North-Central Indiana and they will once again be distributing Sun King to Blackford, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Delaware, Fountain, Henry, Howard, Jay, Madison, Miami, Montgomery, Randolph, Tipton, Tippecanoe, Warren, Wayne, and White counties.




We will be talking with various distributors throughout the state and our goal is to have Fresh•Local•Beer available statewide by Spring of 2016… It is important to note that we will only add new distribution territories when we are comfortable that we can consistently supply them with the quality and consistency that our customers have grown to expect and enjoy.


We are grateful for the continued support of Craft Beer drinkers throughout Indiana and look forward to the opportunity to continue our mission of Enriching the Lives of Hoosiers, One Pint at a Time.

Community Partner Spotlight: IndyHub and Your Love of #Indy

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Loving Indy with Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

As part of a Plan 2020 fellowship awarded earlier in 2015, IndyHub’s conducting a study to better understand—well—you, actually.


Specifically, we want to know about your views on Indianapolis, your experience living and working in the city and how you’ve gotten involved in making Indy a city worth living in. And we use easy things like checkboxes and radio buttons to keep it as painless as possible.

In the survey, we ask questions such as how do you feel about your neighborhood? Indy’s social scene? What about public policy? Education? All those things that contribute to your satisfaction with Indy.


We want your sense of what Indy’s doing right—and maybe not so right, and we also want to know how you give back to your community.

How do you volunteer your time? Does your employer encourage that volunteer work? These are really easy questions to answer, but they’re incredibly important to the work we do here at IndyHub.


With the invaluable feedback gathered through this research, we’re looking for statistically significant data to inform and drive IndyHub programs, initiatives and advocacy efforts we'll pursue in the coming years.


We strive to maintain a strong connection to our audience of 20-/30-somethings here in Indy, and we really want to do right by you. We want to help fill the gaps that need to be filled and to elevate the voices and issues that need to be heard.



But we can’t do it without you. Seriously.



We’d be honored and thrilled beyond measure if you’d take our ten minute survey—and if you’re feeling extra generous, perhaps you’ll share it with your Indy friends and colleagues.



Sun King Gen Con 2015 Happenings

Monday, July 27, 2015

For four years, Sun King and Gen Con have partnered for the Best Four Days in Gaming.  This year Sun King has canned The Official Beer of Gen Con, Drink On and Prosper.  Here are the ends and outs of what Sun King will be doing on Georgia Street for Gen Con 2015:

  • Wednesday, July 29th 6pm – 10:00pm - The “Unofficial” Kick-off Party to the “Best Four Days in Gaming” – join Sun King for a very special, never before, CAN release and tapping party of Drink On and Prosper, the Official Beer of Gen Con 2015. A very limited tapping of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Froth of Kahn (2014 Official Beer of Gen Con) will be released during the party. Live music begins at 5 pm with bands The Doubleclicks and Hero Jr.
  • Live Music • Food Trucks • Craft Beer • Free Admission • Must be 21+ to enter Sun King Beer Garden

  • Thursday, July 30th 6pm - 10pm – NEW! Sun King Game Night. Join Sun King Brewing for a “Game Night” in the Sun King Beer Garden.

  • D20 Rolling Contest - Back by popular demand, the “D20” Dice Rolling Contest. Sign up to participate during the Drink On and Prosper Tapping Party on 7/29. 64 contestants will battle it out to win prizes from Gen Con, Sun King, and more!

    Jenga Giant – Challenge your friends to a friendly game of Jenga Giant, stacking over 3 ft. tall! Teams of two to play, a suggested donation will be collected to participate will be donated to the Julian Center. Prizes awarded to winners.

    Trouble with Tribbles – Don’t be a Borg Drone, come out on top just like Kirk, in a strategic game of Trouble with Tribbles (BPONG). “Cups” made with repurposed Sun King kegs, teams of two can combat it out on the Trouble with Tribbles “court”. Sink It and Prosper On…

    Collectable Terrestrial Artifacts – Purchase a Drink On and Prosper poster for a suggested donation of $1 will be collected and donated to the Julian Center.

  • Friday, July 31st 11:30 am – 10:00 pm – Sun King Beer Garden - serving those 21+ pints and cans of Fresh•Local•Beer.
  • Saturday, August 1st 11:30 am – 10:00 pm - Sun King Beer Garden – serving those 21+ pints and cans of Fresh•Local•Beer
  • Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Hearts & Hands of Indiana

    Monday, July 20, 2015






    Hearts & Hands of Indiana is a local nonprofit that helps families and individuals attain affordable, long-term homeownership in the Near West neighborhood of Indianapolis by providing education, mentoring, and quality rehabilitated homes. Since 2009, we’ve rehabbed five previously abandoned houses and sold them to five low-income families who now call themselves homeowners. Not only does this rehabilitation program benefit the families, but it also helps revitalize the Hawthorne and Haughville neighborhoods.

    For the past two years, Sun King Brewing Company has generously donated silent auction items for our Houses to Homes Annual Event, and we’re looking forward to featuring donated Sun King craft beers at our event this year!


    All of the money raised at Houses to Homes directly funds our home rehabilitation projects in the Near West community. This year’s event will be Saturday, August 1, at Primo Banquet & Conference Center in Indianapolis. Tickets are $100 and include entry for two, a buffet dinner with complimentary beer, wine, and soft drinks, and a chance at the $5,000 grand prize drawing. The event also features door prizes, a silent auction, a wine pull, and plenty of audience games. To purchase tickets, please visit or contact Vickie Bogner at or 317-353-3606.


    If you can’t make it to the event but are interested in becoming involved with Hearts & Hands, please visit our website at

    We’re only able to carry out our mission thanks to the dedicated efforts of our volunteers. While we do have a need for basic volunteer efforts when rehabbing our houses, we also have many skilled volunteer opportunities for those who have specific skills that relate to our mission. We look forward to hearing from you!


    With the help of you and generous organizations like Sun King Brewing Company, we are turning Near West houses into homeownership opportunities, one abandoned property at a time. Check out the houses we’ve rehabbed so far, and see what we’re currently working on.

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Race Away from Domestic Violence

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    5K Race Away from Domestic Violence on Saturday, June 6 in downtown Indianapolis

    Looking for a good excuse to get outside for a nice walk or run? How about joining your friends for a 3.1 mile course throughout downtown Indianapolis, beginning and ending at Victory Field. Walk it, run it or wheelchair roll it with hundreds of other people who support the work to end domestic violence in Indiana.


    Now in its 12th year, the Race Away from Domestic Violence supports the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and its work throughout the state. “It’s a great way to spend a nice morning with friends,” said ICADV Executive Director Laura Berry. “We see teams of coworkers, families, neighborhood groups and individuals gathering to remember victims and raise funds for the efforts to end domestic violence.”


    Last year 67 people died by an act of domestic violence in Indiana. More than 10,500 men, women and children stayed in a domestic violence shelter. They were rich and poor, from the city and farms, they were of all races and ethnicities. Domestic violence does not discriminate. Unfortunately the need always outweighs the available resources. Shelters struggled to find other options for 1,743 people when there were no more beds. And the abuse continues.


    We know we need to continue the critical work to help women in crisis and we will continue to help them one by one. But we believe it’s time to get to the root of the problem. Gloria Steinem said it best: “We are still standing on the bank of the river, rescuing people who are drowning. We have not gone to the head of the river to help them from falling in. That is the 21st century task.”


    The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been charged with implementing an expanded prevention plan for our state. We will work with organizations and individuals around Indiana to help people understand that prevention needs to address the root cause of the problem, and show them how to do it.


    Change will not happen quickly. But it will begin when we change our thinking. It will begin when we raise boys to become men who respect their partners, when we treat our intimate partners as equals, when we tell someone when we see abuse and when we believe peaceful resolution rather than violence is the proper response.



    Let’s all say “No More” to domestic violence. To learn more about domestic violence, discover how you can help and to find resources for victims, visit

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Outrun the Sun

    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    Welcome the Sun with Open Arms (but don’t forget the sunscreen!)

    Who doesn’t enjoy drinking a Fresh•Local•Beer on a sunny Indiana day? Once spring and summer hit the Hoosier state it’s hard to stay indoors. But, just as it’s important to drink responsibly, it’s also important to enjoy the sun responsibly. This means protecting your skin from skin cancer.


    Outrun the Sun is Indiana’s only non-profit organization supporting skin cancer education and melanoma research. Our goal is to educate Hoosiers about ways of protecting themselves from the sun and also to learn the warning signs of skin cancer (the nation’s most prevalent cancer.)


    The keys to fighting skin cancer are prevention and early detection. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Wear hats and sunglasses. Perform self-skin exams every month and see a dermatologist annually for a full body exam—meaning the physician examines your skin from head to toe.


    Get to know your skin: When conducting a self-skin exam, use a full body mirror to examine the front and back of your body. Check your arms and your palms as well as the folds around your elbows. Examine your legs and feet and look between your toes. Use a hand mirror to examine those hard to see spots, including your entire back and the back of your neck. Part your hair and look at your scalp. Take note of every spot you see and note any changes. 


    Keep in mind the “ABCDEs” of melanoma:

    A: Asymmetry. If you were to divide the mole in half vertically, horizontally or diagonally, the mole should appear the same on each side. Take note if one half of the mole does not match the other.

    B: Border. The border of your mole should be smooth, well defined and even; not ragged

    C: Color. Moles should be the same color throughout. They should not have different shades of the same color or completely different colors from one area to the next. Melanoma can present itself in a variety of colors: black, white, red, brown and even blue.

    D: Diameter. Melanoma may appear in a variety of sizes. Most healthy moles do not exceed the size of a pencil eraser, about ¼ of an inch or 6 millimeters. If your mole is bigger, it should be examined by a dermatologist.

    E: Evolving. Has your mole been changing over time? Take a photo of it every month so you can compare each time you do a self-exam. You are looking for any differences in color, shape or size.

    NOTE: Melanoma also may appear as a lump or nodule under your skin. Take note of any new lumps or lesions or if anything on your skin changes. These are general guidelines and it is important to see a dermatologist for regular exams.

    Skin Cancer Facts:

    One American dies of melanoma every hour.

    Melanoma is the most common cancer in people ages 25 to 29.

    Skin cancer is preventable.

    Join the fight against skin cancer by registering for the Outrun the Sun Race Against Melanoma on June 13 at Ft. Harrison State Park at 7:00 PM. Live music, refreshments and more!



    Learn more at

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: CarmelFest

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015




    The Rotary Club of Carmel continues its long-standing commitment to the community by once again taking on the role as the organizing body behind CarmelFest. Strong leadership, financial support and guidance for the CarmelFest committee are key elements in planning and conducting a successful event for Carmel and surrounding neighbors. CarmelFest, with over 50,000 attendees, is the largest annual project managed thru the Carmel Rotary and the largest Independence Day Celebration in Hamilton County.

    Preparation for CarmelFest started several months ago, when the Carmel Rotary Club set the plans in motion for this year’s festival and handed the reins to Gary Sexton, CarmelFest 2015 Chairman. Under Gary’s leadership, the CarmelFest Committee members have diligently been working on festival details for this year’s CarmelFest celebration set for Friday-July 3rd & Saturday-July 4th at the Carmel Civic Square.


    This year brings a new element to CarmelFest – a Food Drive. In order to give back to the community, The Rotary Club of Carmel & CarmelFest Committee, in partnership with the Good Samaritan Network, are collecting food by the can or sack at the entrances to the festival. According to Gary Sexton (CarmelFest Chair), “Our goal is to tackle the problem of food insecurity in Hamilton County. With the help of the Good Samaritan Network, we will distribute contributions to Carmel and surrounding food pantries.”


    "As this year’s CarmelFest Committee Chairperson, I sincerely invite you, your families, friends, neighbors and guests of all ages to join us in celebrating Independence Day on the beautiful grounds of the City of Carmel’s Civic Center. At the two-day CarmelFest celebration you can enjoy family-fun in the KidZone, watch great live performances on the Geico Gazebo Stage where the Carmel Symphony will perform their “Star Spangled Salute” on July 4th, enjoy shopping in the MarketPlace and dance the night away in the ever-popular North Zone."


    Making memories this 3rd & 4th of July at CarmelFest will be easy with tasty summer-time food options, amazing live entertainment featuring long-time favorites and new performers, arts and crafts booths, the CarmelFest Has Talent vocal competition, and fantastic fireworks launched by Firestone.

    Family traditions have always played a strong role in our community - especially when it comes to the annual CarmelFest Parade. Since everyone likes to pick out their favorite viewing spots in advance – you can expect to see chairs line both sides of the two mile parade route about two days before the Marching Bands hit the streets.


    In order to host such as amazing festival, a huge CarmelFest “Thank You” goes out to the City of Carmel, The Rotary Club of Carmel, all of our wonderful volunteers, and our generous sponsors.


    Show your patriotic pride and join the celebration!


    CarmelFest Highlights:


    CarmelFest admission & parking are FREE


    Two-day outdoor festival with Market Place, strolling performers, festival food & craft beer tent


    KidZone with rides, games & petting zoo


    Live entertainment on 3 stages


    CarmelFest Has Talent vocal competition


    July 4th Carmel Symphony “Star Spangled Salute” & military tribute - conducted by David Bowden


    “Wright Brothers” band performance


    CarmelFest 4th of July parade “Stars & Stripes Forever”


    July 4th Freedom Run & Walk


    “BANG! Ultimate Fireworks Experience” VIP party


    Amazing fireworks show on July 4th- 9:45pm synchronized to music on WHJE 91.3 FM


    Food drive & partnership with local charities


    CarmelFest Details:

    Location: Carmel Civic Square Carmel, IN 46032

    Dates: Friday - July 3rd

    4:00 pm to 10:30 pm

    Saturday - July 4th

    Noon to 10:30 pm


    Join us on and follow us on Twitter @CarmelFestNews!

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Broad Ripple Art Fair

    Wednesday, May 06, 2015






    The Broad Ripple Art Fair, 45 years old this year, is everything great about Indianapolis. It’s a whole weekend filled with art, creativity, music, food and fun, and has traditionally served as Indy’s kick-off to the summer season. It’s also the largest fundraiser for the Indianapolis Art Center, who, for 81 years now, has been connecting hundreds of thousands of people to the arts through art classes, exhibitions and arts outreach to kids who don’t usually get a lot of art in school.

    This year, we’ve taken the mantle of “Indy’s Art Fair,” and on May 16th and 17th, we’ll show you why. And, we’ve invited Sun King back to make it all more fresh, local and fun. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect at this year’s Broad Ripple Art Fair:

    You can’t have an art fair without the artists, and the Broad Ripple Art Fair boasts over 225 professional artists and artisans from around the country (and a good bunch of homegrown talent too). What’s special about our fair is that, not only can you find amazing, one-of-a-kind artwork, you can meet the artists who create it. You can hear their stories and personally connect to the creativity that guides the hand of each artist at the fair.

    Inside our studios, you can be an artist at this year’s art fair too! All weekend, our artist-instructors will be leading hands-on art classes, demonstrations and activities for anyone who’s curious about what it’s like to make art at the Art Center. All during the fair, you can learn to fling, drip and pour paint like Jackson Pollock, or learn to throw and form clay on a potter’s wheel, or pound and build metal into your own unique jewelry, or take part in a community mural. Everyone goes home with their own art! Our resident artists will also be on hand showing off their skills and talents, like how they turn molten fire into glass art, or use smoke and fire to make gorgeous Raku pottery, or forge metal into a work of art.


    BRAF 2

    Art isn’t only what hangs on walls in museums and galleries. Sometimes it’s found on a plate of lovingly prepared food made with the same care and creativity as a painting or sculpture. This year, we’ve invited dozens of chefs to bring the art of food and drink to the fair. Check out the list of locally-focused and gourmet restaurants, breweries (Sun King!) and vintners at this year’s fair. And come hungry!

    There’s so much more! All weekend will feature non-stop performances on three stages: a WFYI Blues Houseparty stage hosted by Indy’s blues ambassador, Matthew Socey; a WTTS Lawn Stage, featuring jazz and rock from from local favorites and up and coming stars; a Christel Dehaan Family Foundation Cultural Arts Stage featuring dance, performance and song by local arts and culture organizations. New this year - interactive art activities and creative games for all ages! For kids - a WFYI Kids Stage featuring Daniel Tiger of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and three Prizm - the Artist’s Supply store - creativity zones all around the fair for fun, quick art activities for kids.

    Want to start the weekend early? Join us Friday night, May 15th for the Broad Ripple Art Fair Preview Party, presented by Turkle & Associates. You’ll get a sneak peek and early access to over 50 art fair artists, (and get all the good stuff before the masses come!). You’ll also be treated to tons of food, beer, wine and tea tastings by local chefs, brewers and food artists.


    One ticket gets you all of that. And, it helps the Indianapolis Art Center engage, enlighten and inspire the community through art. Get your tickets today!


    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Indiana Tour De Cure

    Thursday, April 30, 2015



    The Indiana office of the American Diabetes Association would like to thank Sun King Brewing Co. for their continued support of the Indiana Tour de Cure. Over the last four years, Team Sun King has raised more than $19,000 to help Stop Diabetes in the state of Indiana. Additionally, Sun King has hosted the annual kickoff party and hosted fundraisers and group rides on behalf of the Association.

    If you would like to take advantage of this great Spring (finally!!) weather, join us for the FREE Tour de Cure Training ride on Saturday, May 16 at Sun King Brewing Co. Sun King is located at 135 College Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis. We will meet in the parking lot and plan to leave at 11:30 a.m. for a leisurely ride utilizing the bike lanes, Cultural Trail and bike paths from Downtown north toward Broad Ripple then back to the brewery. Everyone over 21 years old will be invited into the brewery to sample local craft beer at 1 p.m. Here is a route map. Everyone is invited, not just registered riders; feel free to bring a friend. For questions and to RSVP please contact Rob Nagel We hope to see you there!




    What is the Indiana Tour de Cure?



    The Tour de Cure, the American Diabetes Association’s premier fundraising event at the nation’s most famous motor sports landmark, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 20. Choose from five route options, each designed for cyclists of all ability levels. Rest stops, snacks and drinks, support vehicles and medical assistance will be provided on each route. Lunch will be available for riders in the garages along with team tents, sponsor booths and entertainment in the Pagoda area.



    What are the routes?


    • 50K & 75K road routes: scenic routes that wind through northwest Marion County which begin and end on the track.

    • 100 mile track challenge: Ride 100 miles (40 laps) on the famous oval OR ride a 50K or 75K route and finish on the track. Make sure to stop by the odometer check-in before and after the ride.

    • Family/Recreational ride: Set your own pace and distance. Enjoy a ride around the track with your family. Great for riders of all levels. Family check-in closes at 11 am.

    • 2nd annual WBR Gran Fondo at the Indiana Tour de Cure: All riders who have registered and raised the $200 minimum for the Indiana Tour de Cure are eligible for the WBR Gran Fondo. For a small donation to benefit World Bicycle Relief, you will be able to complete a chip-timed lap, a 40K or a 100 mile ride on the oval. Prizes awarded to the top 3 finishers in age and distance categories.



    What is the fundraising Requirement?


    Riders need to raise $200 per person to ride. Raise $250 or more and choose a special thank you gift in recognition of your fundraising achievement. Raise $500 and become eligible for the commemorative jersey.



    Are you a Red Rider?


    If you have diabetes (type 1 or type 2) you are eligible to be recognized as a Red Rider. Just contact your local Tour de Cure coordinator and let them know. You will receive FREE recognition gifts on event day, including a Red Rider jersey. You are why we ride!



    Please register for the Tour de Cure at

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Indianapolis American Association of Zoo Keepers

    Thursday, April 16, 2015




    In 2014, there were 1,215 rhinos poached for their horns which is claimed by the Chinese and Vietnamese to cure various illnesses. Rhinoceros horn is comprised of keratin which is the same as our hair and fingernails so it is always growing. It is estimated that 20,000 White, 5,300 Black, 3,300 Greater One-Horned, 100 Sumatran and 45 Javan rhinos remain in the wild. If poaching continues at this drastic rate, there is the question, what is the longevity of rhinos on this planet? 


    Bowling for Rhinos was started in 1990 by the American Association of Zookeepers to assist the International Rhino Foundation in rhinoceros conservation. The proceeds from BFR are donated to help three ecosystems: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Africa, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park in Sumatra, and Ujung Kulon in Java. These three ecosystems are home to more than just rhinos. Vulnerable and endangered elephant, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, zebra, tiger, and sun bears all are found in the same regions


    Here in Indianapolis, our 501c(3) chapter’s annual event will be held on May 16th at Hindel Bowl (6833 Massachusetts Ave). This family oriented event consists of bowling, a raffle and a fantastic silent auction. The auction has one of kind paintings from some of the animals themselves, behind the scenes tours at the Indianapolis Zoo, local sports related items and various other unique items you won’t want to miss out on. Please join our event for a good time but most importantly to raise awareness about the current struggle rhinos face in Africa and Asia. 


    You can pre-register online at for $20 including a t-shirt. If you have any questions or would like further details please visit our website or like us on Facebook at If you are unable to attend the event, please consider donating to this wonderful cause by visiting