Community Partner Spotlight: Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival

Monday, January 18, 2016

Experience ALL the Magic!



See all of the festival magicians live on one stage during the Showcase, including Shin Lim, FISM World Championship of Card Magic! Each magician presents greatest hits of their full-length performances.


Be amazed and astounded by mind-bending illusions, deft sleight-of-hand and hilarious comedy with a magical edge.  Shin Lim, the Hipster Magician performs his smoke-filled double-dealing ONLY in the showcase.


Indianapolis’ own Christian and Katalina, the #1 husband and wife mind-reading act in the country, host this once-in-a-lifetime showcase and lend their own magical touches to what will surely be a magical night.


Age 10+


7:30 pm – January 21, 22, 23

6:30 pm – January 24




This year’s magicians:


  • • Shin Lim, who was crowned 2015’s FISM World Champion of Card Magic, brings his inventive and innovative card trickery to the Circle City, The hands of the musician –turned-magician will mesmerize and amaze as the Hipster Magician silently shuffles, twists and tosses is way threw his unusual, unbelievable card magic show.
  • • Suzanne – Witness the close-up magic of master conjure, Suzanne, the first women to win Close Up Magician of the Year from the Academy of Magical Arts. Her trademark Cup and Balls routine puzzles even the most adept observers.
  • • Jamahl Keyes born in the Midwest, but nationally-renowned and also an award-winning comedian will take the stage through comedy, audience participation, jazz dancing and Broadway tunes the audience travels on a journey of the magic of Broadway.
  • • Kayla Drescher – The impossible becomes possible. See torn objects restored! Liquids appear from nowhere. Kayla won the Society of American Magician’s Presidential Citation, Boston 2013 “Magician of the Year”.
  • • Simon Coronel and Aussie Magician. Master illusionist Simon makes the utterly impossible possible with his incredible live performance art. Winner of dozens of international magic competitions and two-time FISM award winner, he hails from Down Under, but creates fun everywhere. Expect to see – or not – amazing things!
  • • Harrison Lampert – Enjoy giggles galore when Harrison takes the stage. Magic comedian brings his trademark good ol’ fashioned fun mixed with a bit of absurdity to Indianapolis. Stand-up comedy shares the stage with sleight of hand, witty wise-cracks and fast-paced silliness. A show for all-ages.

    Check out for show times of individual shows.

    Tickets can be purchased at or by phone at 317-522-8099.

    Community Partner Spotlight: The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016


    Handing Out Hope




    The holidays are over and the season of giving has been another great success for organizations like The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House that work hard to help families in need, especially during the colder months. Volunteers come from near and far during the holidays to give their time to serve the less fortunate, but organizations like Anna’s House are hard at work all year long, 52 weeks per year, never taking a holiday or a weekend off.


    The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House is a local food pantry and community center that has been serving an impoverished neighborhood on the near west side of Indianapolis for more than two decades, starting first as a sidewalk ministry. To understand our mission is to understand the great need to increase the amount of services we provide that encourage self-sufficiency. Without this type of approach, we are only feeding the cycle of poverty rather than handing out hope for a better future. The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House knows that to truly assist families in need we must provide more than a meal and supplemental groceries each week.



    While we have made many great strides in our efforts since the days on the sidewalk in the cold months of January and February, today we are operating out of a 3,000 square foot building. From this facility we provide weekly and sometimes daily (freshly prepared) community dinners and breakfast for as many as 200 families. We also distribute groceries, including fresh produce, during our weekly food pantry. We provide English classes; distribute school supplies, backpacks and shoes, offer health screenings, flu shots and dental check-ups. Anna’s House is also an important place throughout the holiday season as we are often the only opportunity for families to gather for a nice Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner.


    Providing these services to the constantly growing number of families each week in a facility of this size is extremely difficult, having to constantly set up, tear down, rearrange and negotiate space to be effective in our efforts. Therefore, we are currently in a campaign that will help build a new future for Anna’s House and the community we serve. But it’s more than square footage we are interested in. The guests of Anna’s House are also encouraged and in some cases required to participate in programs that include but are not limited to computer training, English classes, reading and writing, and financial literacy for adults. For children, these programs might include after school tutoring and mentoring, music classes and other activities that will help them grow into productive individuals. We need to have dedicated space to make this possible.


    The good news is, The Lord’s Pantry at Anna’s House has been gifted a large plot of land on which to build a new facility, one that will enable us to provide additional programs to adults and children. We are also blessed to have been gifted any and all concrete labor involved in erecting a new building as well as some other gifted materials and labor. The not-so-good news is there is still MUCH MORE to be secured before the dream of a larger facility, to help a community need, can become a reality.



    Anna’s House welcomes any and all who wish to shepherd in a new way of life for individuals and families in need. From significant volunteer opportunities every week at the Pantry to getting more involved in helping us raise critical funds and in-kind gifts, there is a place for you! You can learn more about these opportunities at or call the Director of Anna’s House (Julie Molloy) at 317.631.5504. Thank you.


    Community Partner Spotlight: Pack Away Hunger

    Monday, November 23, 2015




    When was the last time you and your friends put on some hairnets and had some fun? Never you say? According to one local non-profit, donning a hairnet and gathering with friends and co-workers is a great way to have a good time, and most importantly, to help others. Tucked away on the south side of Indianapolis sits Pack Away Hunger, a non-profit organization dedicated to greatly improving the lives of children and others who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.


    The lack of proper nutrition creates serious health and developmental consequences for individuals and has far reaching implications for communities. In the United States 15.8 million children do not have regular access to healthy meals (1). In developing countries one out of six children -- roughly 100 million -- is underweight, the result of acute or chronicmalnutrition (2).

    In a world with such vast resources, Pack Away Hunger thinks this is unacceptable. To achieve their mission, Pack Away Hunger set out to develop a highly nutritious meal that could be safely distributed to local food banks as well as developing countries. Working in collaboration with The Mathile Institute for Human Nutrition they developed The Nutri-Plenty® Meal. The Nutri-Plenty® Meal contains rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and most importantly M+ Micronutrients, a scientifically-proven blend of 21 vitamins and minerals shown to help alleviate and also reverse the effects of micronutrient malnutrition in young children. In short, the meal does much more than just fill hungry stomachs. It provides critical nutrition that helps fend off life-threatening conditions like anemia and diarrhea. The meal is easy to prepare, requiring only a cooking vessel, boiling water and a spoon. It has a long shelf life, making it ideal for food banks, and for the long journey to developing countries.




    Now back to those hairnets. Pack Away Hunger is not alone in their desire to help children and others suffering from hunger. Enter the army of donors and volunteers who make it possible to create and distribute Nutri-Plenty® Meals to those in need. Like-minded community organizations, businesses, churches and individuals make financial donations so Pack Away Hunger can purchase the raw materials needed for the meals. Then, the group comes together to create the meals at a “packing event”. The events are family friendly, powerful and fun. Participants feel a sense of purpose, knowing the meals they pack with their own hands will meet a significant need for someone in their neighborhood or in a community around the world.

    Making an impact. Since opening its doors in 2008, Pack Away Hunger has held more than 200 packing events and engaged more than 46,000 volunteers. Those events have created 10 Millionmeals for people in need, both near and far. Regular distribution to partner agencies in Haiti and Guatemala creates stability for children by allowing them to concentrate in school and in some cases simply survive the effects of malnutrition. Locally, the meals help families in Central Indiana by providing healthy food when they may not be able to make ends meet.



    Join the fun and feel good. Pack Away Hunger often holds packing events that are open to the public. This Thanksgiving, they held their 3rd Annual Pack Friday event, offering families an alternative to Black Friday shopping. Other events have included Pack to the Future and St. Packtrick’s Day. Visit to join an event today, and you will be on your way to providing Life.Changing.Nutrition.

    For more information visit or contact Charles Miller at 317-429-9876.


    (1) United States Department of Agriculture

    (2) The World Food Programme  


    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Little Red Door

    Thursday, November 05, 2015

    Little Red Door is teaming up with Sun King Brewery and Movember to "change the face of cancer" by raising money for our organization at Growler Fill Friday, November 20th.


    Fall is here and you know what that means! Not only is it the start of the Holiday Season but it also means that it’s finally time for Little Red Door to partner with Sun King Brewery and Movember to raise some much needed funds for our clients right here in Central Indiana. Throughout the month of November, every Friday Little Red Door will be at Sun King Brewery with Movember promoting our very own Little Red Door Growler Fill Friday!


    If you are a craft beer drinker, then you know the value of a growler. You can invest in two or three, fill them up and keep a fridge stocked with brews. Sun King Brewery, one of the best known and loved local breweries, has a long standing special every Friday called Growler Fill Friday where you only spend $6 on house fills. Little Red Door is so excited to announce that we are the featured nonprofit for the November 20th Growler Fill Friday thanks to our partnership with Sun King and Movember.


    On November 20th, go to any Sun King Brewery locations to participate in Growler Fill Friday. For every Sun King Growler fill sold on this Friday, $1 will be donated to Little Red Door to change the face of cancer. Every Friday leading up to our very own Little Red Door Growler Fill Friday, look for the Little Red Door and Movember team who will be handing out giveaways promoting our Little Red Door Growler Fill Friday and cancer prevention messaging.


    Whatever fills your growler, will be helping us and our partners, Sun King Brewery and Movember, change the face of cancer!




    Every Friday we will be at Sun King Brewery with Movember promoting our very own Little Red Door Growler Fill Friday

    We will also be handing out info on Little Red Door and giveaways


    What is Growler Fill Friday? It is the only day Sun King offers $6 Growler Fills of their house beers


    Little Red Door Growler Fill Friday is November 20th from 10am-8pm


    You can fill up your growler at both Sun King locations (Downtown Indy - 135 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202 & Fishers Tap Room - 7840 E 96th St, Fishers, IN 46037)


    $1 from every Growler Fill will be donated to Little Red Door Cancer Agency


    You could help Little Red Door serve the under insured and uninsured residents of central Indiana make the most of life and the least of cancer

    Save Your Tabs Collection Challenge

    Friday, October 30, 2015





    Fall is here...bringing us tailgating, bonfires, announcing the start to many of our holiday gatherings.  As we come together to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones, Sun King challenges you to collect your tabs!


    Our fourth installment of the Sun King Collect Your Tabs Challenge, benefitting the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, encourages fans of Fresh•Local•Beer to collect aluminum tabs, of all types.  We challenge you, your co-workers, family, and friends to collect as many aluminum tabs (beer, soda, energy drinks, canned water) as you can from October 30th, 2015 - January 9th, 2016.  All tabs will be turned in at Sun King Brewery on January 9th and those who have participated will be awarded various Sun King prizes.  All collected tabs will be dropped off to the Ronald McDonald House to be recycled.


    Why Should You Collect Can Tabs? 


    Not only is the can tab important for the purpose of opening your favorite "Pint in Every Can", it is also a valuable resource that generates much-needed funds to cover the operating costs to run the Ronald McDonald House to support families in need.  Don't forget to recycle your cans too - that is important for our environment!


    Fun Facts about Tabs: 

    • 1 lbs = 1,000 Tabs

    • 1,000 lbs = 1 Million Tabs 


    What does the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana do?


    Nearly 1,500 families are served at the House each year while their children receive life-saving treatments at Indianapolis-area hospitals, including Riley Children's Hosiptal.  Over one billion tabs have been donated in 15 years since the program began, generating about $500,000 in revenue.  The Ronald McDonald House focuses on those families with a critically ill or injured child.  The House is the only organization in Central Indiana that provides low-cost, short-term-to-long-term lodging for these families.  


    Fund received from the recycled tabs adds up to $30-$50K annually.  These funds go towards the operating costs of the Ronald McDonald House and will cover the costs of operating 3 rooms in the House for an entire year.



    How Can You Help?


    Help Sun King collect tabs by participating in the Save Your Tabs Challenge from October 30th, 2015 - January 9th, 2016.  Sun King will continue to collect tabs at various community events around town and on Saturday, January 9th, we ask that you stop by the brewery to drop off your collected tabs. We will weigh your tabs and reward you with prizes, and then we’ll deliver the collective bounty of tabs to the Ronald McDonald House where it will go to help those in need!



    Prizes are detailed below:


  • • 1 to 4.9 lbs: $5 Gift Card
  • • 5 to 9.9 lbs: $5 Gift Card and a SKB Pint Glass
  • • 10 to 19.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card
  • • 20 to 49.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card PLUS one entry in a drawing for a $100 SKB Gift Bag
  • • 50 to 99.9 lbs: $10 Gift Card, one entry for $100 SKB Gift Bag PLUS one entry in a drawing for a Private Brewery Tour/Tasting for up to 10 people
  • • 100+ lbs: $10 Gift Card, one entry for $100 SKB Gift Bag, one entry in a drawing for a Private Brewery Tour/Tasting for up to 10 people PLUS $25 Gift Card with access to the SKB Private Cellar (full of specialty cans not generally available).
  • If you want to feel even better about cracking open a can of Fresh•Local•Beer then please join in the fun and help Sun King and The Ronald McDonald House of Indiana help families in need.

    For more information about the contest, please contact If you would like more information about the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana, please visit:


    Cooking with Sun King Contest 2015

    Monday, October 12, 2015



    It's back...after a bit of a hiatus, Sun King is bringing back our Cooking with Sun King Contest!

    Sun King loves food, loves beer, and we love contests – especially ones that involve the two things we love most. Sun King is hosting a recipe cook-off contest, Cooking with Sun King, highlighting cooking food with beer.



    In the Cooking with Sun King Contest, we challenge you to create an original dish using any variety of Sun King beer; the sky is the limit! Whether your recipe is a main course, dessert, or appetizer, we challenge you to get in the kitchen and whip up your favorite dish.



    Do you think that you have what it takes to be crowned the “King’s Chef”? We will be kicking off the contest on November 1st, 2015 via our contest page. Prizes will be awarded including Sun King swag, gift cards, as well as, gift cards to local restaurants. For more contest details, click here.  For contest rules please visit our contest rule page. We cannot wait to see if you’ve got what it takes to be crowned the “King’s Chef”



    To get you in the Cooking with Sun King spirit - resident Sun King Chef D (Dustin Boyer) has whipped up a Biscuits Recipe:


    Sunlight Cream Ale Biscuits

    These biscuits are perfect for splitting and turning into a game day sandwich. Top with City Ham from the Smoking Goose and your favorite cheese and you are ready for tailgating. The key to a great biscuit, is to not over work the mixture & keep everything as cold as possible.


    Makes 6-8 biscuits

    2 Cups All Purpose Flour, plus ½ cup for dusting

    8 TBSP Butter, chilled & diced or grated

    4 TBSP Buttermilk Powder

    1 TBSP Baking Powder

    ½ TSP Baking Soda

    1 TSP Kosher Salt

    1 Jalapeno, seeded & finely minced (optional)

    5 oz Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese, grated

    6 oz Sunlight Cream Ale


    In a large bowl combine flour, butter, buttermilk powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, jalapeno & cheese. Mix together by hand, until the butter & cheese are just incorporated into the flour mixture. Chill in the freezer for an hour. Preheat oven to 450* F. Remove flour mixture from the freezer. Slowly add 4 ounces of Sunlight Cream Ale to the mix. Gently mix by hand. You are looking for a fairly dry mixture. If the mixture is too dry, add remaining Sunlight Cream Ale. Turn out onto a clean, floured countertop. Pat the dough lightly by hand to about 1/2” thick. Cut biscuits with a 2” cutter, place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 14-18 minutes.






    If you have questions regarding the contest, please email

    Teachers' Treasures Growler Fill Friday at Sun King Sept. 25th

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    September--the month when summer officially slips into fall and teachers and students across the city are settling into the new school year.

    Teachers bring their heart and dedication to the classroom every day--and a lot of times that includes emptying their pockets to have classrooms stocked with basic school supplies many Indy families can’t afford to provide.

    In fact, teachers on average spend anywhere from $500-$1200 each school year for classroom supplies.

    And it doesn’t just stop at notebooks and pencils. A large number spend their own money to make sure their students have access to hygiene basics like shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

    We’re always amazed at the generosity teachers extend in their classrooms, but we also want to help ease that burden. That’s why Teachers’ Treasures has supported thousands of Marion County teachers for the past 15 years through our Store for Teachers, where educators from the area’s high-need schools can access much-needed supplies through free monthly shopping trips.

    This August alone we were able to funnel over $1 million of supplies into Indy’s classrooms.

    But we can’t stop there!

    This year there are more than 250 shopping-eligible schools in Marion County and the immediate surrounding areas (the main distinction of eligibility being a 60% or more free or reduced lunch rate).

    That means we need to keep our shelves stocked for more than 100,000 students and 2400 educators from now through May.

    This is why we hope to see you at Growler Fill Friday on September 25, where Sun King is generously giving $1 of every 64 oz. growler and $.50 of every 32 oz. growler to Teachers’ Treasures.


    With $1 of every donation equaling $15 of supplies in the classroom, this one event alone can help us make a BIG impact in classrooms across Indy!

    Want to learn more about how you can help Indy’s teachers and students? Visit our website for more information about our mission, upcoming events, and volunteer and donation opportunities.

    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Buckingham Foundation’s Tailgate

    Monday, September 21, 2015

    It’s a terrific time to cheer on the home team and Tailgate For A Cause. The tailgate will take place, Sunday, Oct. 18th from 3 – 7 pm on the Outdoor Plaza at The Alexander. This FREE tailgate event will have music, lawn games, $5.00 food items and your favorite Sun King brew! Nearby parking at CityWay is convenient and you can walk to the game. Don’t have tickets? That’s okay. Join us in Plat 99 after the tailgate to toast the team! Details here



    The event supports Buckingham Foundation’s fight against childhood hunger with proceeds benefiting Buckingham Food Pantry and Shepherd Community Center. Bring canned food items and $20 to buy your very own <3INDY shirt! Plan 2020’s “Love Indy” movement is sweeping the city and we encourage you to do your part. Learn more at



    Wear your blue, invite your friends and come tailgate for a cause!






    Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: Midtown Education Summit

    Monday, September 21, 2015

    Join Midtown Inc. for the third annual Midtown Education Summit on Monday, September 28th from 4:30- 7pm at The Children's Museum! (3000 N. Meridian St) Designed for parents navigating the many education options in our neighborhoods, the Summit provides an open house format for local schools to showcase the wonderful programs, faculty, and vision that they have for their school and the community.

    Midtown Inc. has consecutively secured over 50 schools for this event each year, from preschools to high schools. It will be a great night to learn more about schools and their programs through individual conversations between school leaders and parents, and a celebration of the many great schools that educate our children in Midtown.

    This event is free and open to the public. Free parking is available in the Children's Museum garage. To learn more and register for the event, click here.

    Midtown Indianapolis, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on the quality of life and sustainability of Midtown, Indianapolis. Our mission is to enhance the sense of place, attract community and business development, to celebrate our many local businesses and cultural institutions and encourage public/private investment in the district. Visit us online at

    Sun King invades Denver for GABF!

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    It's but once a year (some times twice, if you are lucky!) that Sun King Brewery invades Denver, CO with Fresh•Local•Beer!


    Here is a list of venues around Denver where you can sip on Sun King during the Great American Beer Festival or GABF (September 21st-25th).


    Beer lineups vary but here is a sneak peek of what you might find: GFJP-FunkRainbow BlindnessVelour Soccer Mom (formerly known as Pink Taco) • Afternoon DelightIndy WeissVelvet FogBatch 666: Sympathy for the Devil • and more!!!