Monday, January 30, 2017

I like to think that we’re thankful everyday for the successes we’ve had and the growing number of people who love what we do here at Sun King, but in order to remind our staff, and more importantly our customers, we are taking the entire month of February to do so!


It was eight years ago in February that we dismantled and extracted our original brewing system from a warehouse in Portland, Maine, loaded it onto four semi trailers and shipped to its new home at 135 N. College Avenue. At the time we were hopeful, nervous, and excited about the possibilities… Our goals were modest and genuine; Open a brewery so that we could do what we love, create a workplace that people could be themselves and thrive in, make great beer, and become Indianapolis’s brewery. Everyone always asks if we thought it would go this well or grow to this size and the honest answer is; No. This entire thing is beyond our wildest dreams ten years ago.


We couldn’t and wouldn’t be where we are without the passionate support of so many great people! Early on we asked everyone that we served in our tasting room and met at events to ask for our beer in bars and restaurants and they did, which in turn helped us land placements in bars, restaurants and liquor stores all over greater Indianapolis. Everyone who has championed our cause helped pave the way for our continually expansion and growth and we’d like to say thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU the entire month of February.

Starting on the first we’ll have weekly specials on practically everything, but my favorite, and most likely all of yours, is that we brewed a FRESH BATCH of GRAPEFRUIT JUNGLE! GFJ is the first beer we ever brewed that sold out in a day and has become our most highly anticipated seasonal beer, released every year at our anniversary party in June. We managed to score some additional hops and decided to brew a small batch that will only be available in our Tasting Rooms for pints and growler fills. Sorry, no cans until this summer.


We’re also going back to our roots with Throwback Thursday, where growler fills of our House Beers are only $5.00. It was Growler Fill Friday that helped establish us as Indianapolis’s brewery and brought people from all walks of life to the Tasting Room on Fridays to sample beer and buy copious amounts of growlers to share with friends over the weekend and thus spread the good word of Fresh•Local•Beer. And since Growler Fill Friday still happens every week, although the price has gone up a dollar, we thought we’d bring back Indy’s best ever price beer on Thursdays.


There’s a full graphic of what’s happening (find out what's happening here) and when so that you can find opportunities to save money on beer and Sun King swag, plus we’ll be having a whole lot of random fun in the Tasting Room throughout the month. If you haven’t visited for a while, it’s worth a trip in because just like always things are growing and changing right before your eyes. We currently and always have at least 12 beers on tap for you to try and unlike the old days, you can actually sit and enjoy a full glass of beer, not just a sample in a tiny cup.


Stop by our original location Downtown, or our Small Batch Brewery in Fishers so we can say thank you in person. We truly appreciate the love and support we feel from our customers and fans of Fresh•Local•Beer. We couldn’t do it without you!


- Clay Robinson, Co-Founder - 


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