National Bike Month

Saturday, May 12, 2012

There are a lot of cars in the world. A LOT. We complain about traffic here in Indy, but it’s nothing compared with New York, Chicago or L.A. Sadly, even that traffic doesn’t hold a candle to places like Beijing, Mexico City or Johannesburg.

With a crush of automobiles comes a whole host of gnarly side effects including lost time and increased stress for you, air pollution and wear and tear on your vehicle. Sometimes you have to drive, but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, the opportunity exists to get out on two wheels powered by you rather than four wheels powered by an internal combustion engine. And that’s the whole point of National Bike Month, which just so happens to be this month.

The craft beer industry and bikes tend to go hand in hand, and at Sun King we are strong proponents of National Bike Month and bike riding in general. On May 18 we will be sponsoring two wonderful, bike-related events—Bike to Work Day and the first Fast Track Friday at Major Taylor Velodrome.

Bike to Work Day, presented by our good friends at INDYCOG, is a great opportunity to eschew your car for a day. A full schedule of the day can be found on the link at the start of this paragraph but we are most excited about the happy hour we’re sponsoring at theTomlinson Tap Room at the end of the day. We’ll have a great lineup of delicious craft beers ready for you to enjoy so stop by and join us.

Also on the 18th is the first of many Fast Fridays at Major Taylor Velodrome and Sun King is a proud sponsor of the event. If you’ve never been to the Velodrome before, it is most definitely worth the visit. It’s one of only 18 such structures in the country and the MTV plays host to elite national events. It was built in 1982 for the Pan Am Games and, as of last year, is now under the tutelage of Marian University and its very capable cycling team.

Are you a cycling fan? Tell us about your favorite bike, the reasons you love to ride and what your favorite bike-related activities are.

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