Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: IndyHub’s Passport to the Arts

Friday, September 29, 2017


Beer + Art = IndyHub’s Passport to the Arts




It’s easy to remember how great of an arts scene we have here in Indianapolis, especially as we approach fall and our arts friends unveil their schedules filled with awesome shows, concerts, and experiences! For the past 9 years, IndyHub has highlighted several of our amazing and talented groups ranging from theatre to dance to opera and more. A vibrant arts scene is a serious asset and in order to maintain and grow Indy’s, we’ve got to have equally enthusiastic demand for it.


Passport to the Arts was created to provide a taste of the arts scene to Indy’s twenty-and thirty-somethings with the hopes that they would find what peaks their interest and join groups like Indy Symphony’s Forte or subscribe to the IRT. It provided a space for people to dip their toe into the arts scene without forcing them to dive into the deep end.


While originally focused on performance-based arts experiences, we’ve recently been exploring all the ways one can get involved and active in the Indy arts. For our Fall Series, we’ll take subscribers to Dance Kaleidoscope, where they’ll see a Beatles-themed Magical Mystery Tour show; we’ll have a studio night at the Indianapolis Arts Center where you can try your hand at art of your own; and we’ll end the season at Gallery 924, the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ premiere space, highlighting a show inspired by Kurt Vonnegut.


Sound intriguing? There’s so much more to it! Each arts experience is complete with a VIP factor, whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at production, a Q&A with the artists, or hands-on time to let your creativity flow. You’ll also get drinks and bites, including Sun King Brewing beer, as you gear up for an awesome evening.


The best part is that Passports cap out at 100, so you’ll be enjoying each of these three events with the same group of people. Each year we enjoy seeing our subscribers mingle at pre-show parties, become friends with one another and ultimately, subscribers of one (or more!) of our wonderful arts partners!

What’s better than beer and art?! Want to learn more about becoming a Passport to the Arts subscriber? Head here and purchase yours today.


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