How Did I Get Here: Kelly "the Keg Washer" B.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sun King Brewery now has around 75 full-time employees that make up our island of misfit toys that we call the Sun King Crew.  Each person has their own unique story on how they started working at Sun King.  


Over the past seven years we have interviewed Sun King employees for our "How Did I Get Here" blog.  It's been way too long since our last story, so we are bringing it back!  And from time to time, we will revisit those previously interviewed employees to see what they are up today.  Everyone is encouraged to find their place at the brewery and sometimes paths change while working here.  We will also throw into the kettle some newbies with a dash of some SKB veterans never to have been interviewed about their story.  


Last week, we let Kelly from "Team Cold Deck" aka Keg Washing, take over our Sun King Brewing Instagram account for three days.  Did you see the Pac Man keg attack?  WAKA-WAKA!  Kelly started at Sun King a mere 90 days ago.  She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a degree in Environmental Management and a minor in Biology.  Here's a little ditty on Kelly and how she got to Sun King.  






How Did I Get Here?



Kelly B.



Keg Washer aka Key Monkey


Where are you from/Hometown?

Evansville, IN - located in the southeastern part of the state for you non-Hoosier folks.


What did you do before you worked at Sun King?

Manager at the Bloomington Bagel Company.


What’s it like being a Keg Washer?

There is always something to do being a keg washer! I’m never bored!


Why did you want to work for a brewery?

Breweries are cool places to work for and I like beer, obviously.


Why beer, not environmental management?

It's a hard field to get in to and I'm not sure if I am ready to get in to it just yet.  I look at this as my "gap year", taking a year off to something else she likes, before joining the big leagues.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy hiking, camping, ceramics, building stuff, and traveling.


What is your favorite thing about Sun King Brewery?

Everyone is so friendly and genuine. It’s like a big family. Working together, doing what we love, and bringing good beer to good people.


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

My oldest sister named me after Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.


What is the day in the life of Kelly like?

Coffee, coffee, work, food, work, beer, food


What is your favorite style of beer?

IPA all the way!


What is your favorite Sun King beer?

Norwegian Blue? It’s too hard to pick just one.


What has been one of the most rewarding experiences about working for Sun King?

Being able to contribute to an industry that I love and believe in. I’ve learned so much so far and I can’t wait to learn more.


What should people know about brewery life?

If you take pride in your work, it will show in the product.


What was your first job?

Lifeguard during the summer months for 3-4 years in high school.  


Anything else we should know?

If an alligator lays an egg in hot sand it will be a male.


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