How Did I Get Here: Jon Clampitt

Friday, March 30, 2012

Jon Clampitt AKA Clamp, Clamps, Clampsquatch

Jon Clampitt doesn’t waste time. The one-time IUPUI student knocked back his first Osiris Pale Ale at J Clyde’s pub on a Tuesday night in July 2010, visited the brewery for the first time two days later and the next day he was volunteering in the Tasting Room.

Clamps had never worked in a brewery before but Sun King’s owners loved his hustle so they hired him to work part-time in September 2010. He was still going to school part-time and working another part-time job but his willingness to do whatever, whenever, without complaint translated into a full-time position in January 2011.

Clamps worked his way up from the Tasting Room to keg monkey (the affectionate term for the person who cleans kegs) to assistant cellarman to assistant brewer. Or, more accurately, assistant brewer’s assistant, as assistant brewer Adrian Ball shows him the ropes on the brew deck.

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