How Did I Get Here: Jamey Wray

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sun King Brewery was the first production brewery to open it's doors in 2009 since the Indianapolis Brewing Company closed it's doors in 1948.  As we look forward to this summer and celebrating our 8th anniversary, we also celebrate opening a second location at the Fishers Tap Room and Small Batch Brewery.  We opened our doors to the Sun King Tap Room in July 2015.  There were a great deal of people that were instrumental with the opening of the Sun King Tap Room location including today's How Did I Get Here Blog featured employee, Jamey Wray.  


Jamey's path to Sun King was somewhat tradition as he came from another Indiana craft brewery, however, like many of us working in the brewery industry, that is not how his career started out.  A veteran in the craft beer industry, Jamey has been with Sun King Brewery for nearly 4 years and has been in his role as Tasting Room Manager for almost two years.


You can follow Jamey's daily routine for the next three days - by heading to the Sun King Brewing Instagram. (SunKingBrewing)






How Did I Get Here?


Name: Jamey Wray


Nicknames:  "Lunchbox"

When asked why Lunchbox, Jamey told us the story of how at the previous brewery that he worked at, the head brewer always wanted to nickname someone Lunchbox.  It was a running joke at the brewery and the head brewer never had the chance to nickname anyone Lunchbox during Jamey's time there.  A little back story, after you've been with Sun King Brewery for a year, you are gifted a Sun King logoed carhartt jacket that proudly displays your chosen nickname.  You do not get to pick what your nickname is!  Jamey shared that story with co-founder and giver of nicknames, Dave Colt, and the rest is history.  


Duties/Job Title:

Fishers Tap Room Manager.  His daily duties include scheduling employees, ordering supplies, keeping the peace, putting out figurative fires, and serving  patrons Fresh•Local•Beer.


Where are you from/ where is your Hometown:  

Bedford, IN - for those of you that are Hoosier Basketball fans, this is the also the hometown to Indiana University grad and All-American Damon Bailey.  


What's it like being a tasting room manager?  

"It's a lot of fun!  I get to meet a bunch of new people, work with my awesome crew, and use my various skills to make it a fun place to work." 


How did you end up at Sun King?  

Jamey graduated from Indiana Universally in the spring of 2009 and he landed in a cubical job in publishing.  He left that job for the craft beer industry and started working at Upland Brewing (Bloomington, IN) in the fall of 2009.  His career at Upland took him from washing kegs, to a bottling line operator, to packing manager, then to cellerman.  Once his wife graduated from school, they decided that they would like to move to Indianapolis.  Jamey contacted Sun King to inquire about any open positions at the brewery.  He interviewed with former Sun King president Omar Robinson for a cellerman position.  He worked on the Sun King production team as a cellerman for two years before he decided that he wanted to do something different within the company.  That lead him to applying for the Tap Room manager position.  


What are your hobbies outside of work?  

Changing diapers for his 18 month old daughter!  Playing video games and table top games with friends.  Jamey is also a "Star Wars nerd".  He has a collection of Star Wars memorabilia and his bathroom is decked out in Star Wars including a Darth Vader shower curtain.


What is your favorite thing about working at Sun King Brewery?  

The great group of people that he gets to work with side by side.


What might someone be surprised to know about you?  

Jamey has watched every episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia about 10 times!  When asked to rank his top favorite episodes: "The Nightman Cometh"; "Charlie Work"; "Char-Dee-Mac-Dennis" 


What is your favorite style of beers?  



What is your favorite Sun King Beer?  

Cherry Busey and Alrye'd Alrye'd Alrye'd


What has been one of your most rewarding experiences about working for Sun King?  

Being a part of the setup of the Tap Room from the beginning and watching the impact that it has on the Fishers community.


What was your first job?  

He was a line cook at Bob Evans when he was 16 years old.


Who is your favorite musician or album that you can play on repeat?  

Lately Chris Stapleton and Childish Gambino


What is your favorite film?  

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 


Anything else we should know?  

Every pet that Jamey has owned since is first apartment has been named after a Lord of the Rings character.  Pippen the cat and Elrond the Fish to name two!




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