How Did I Get Here: Jacob Goodnight

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Meet Jacob Goodnight, Sun King Assistant Brewer, animal lover, and SKB Crew "Goldilocks".

Name: Jacob Goodnight

Nickname: Havuh…”as in have a good night”

Job Title/Duties: Assistant Brewer

How did you get here?

Jacob arrived at Sun King after three years in the retail industry. He obtained his degree from IU in apparel merchandising and soon after took a retail position in Martinsville. Two years post-graduation, Jacob found himself in a position he did not enjoy, manager at a Goodwill store. At the urging of his “old lady”, Jake decided to pursue his passion for beer and applied for a job at SKB. He quickly worked his way up the brewery latter to his current position of Assistant Brewer.

Toughest thing about being a brewer?

“The schedule”

Every Monday thru Friday the brewers at SKB work around the clock to brew a morning, mid, and late night batch of Fresh•Local•Beer.

Where are you from?

Jacob is from Pittsboro, Indiana, the town obscurely known for catfish and Jeff Gordon. Jacob did make sure to clarify that he does not personally care about Jeff Gordon and that the famous catfish restaurant of Frank and Mary’s was recently converted into a Dollar General.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Up until about a year ago, Jacob owned a 22 lb. pet skunk named Sprout. Whom he described as “like a needy cat”.

Favorite thing about working at SKB?

Jacob’s favorite thing about working at Sun King is being surrounded by unique and friendly people.

How do you keep your hair in such pristine condition?

Jacob is known for having some of the best man-hair around the brewery which he attributes to his diligent washing schedule and heavy conditioning. Jacob washes his hair every 2-3 days and is adamant about taking it easy on the shampoo. Recently, Jacob experimented with a “no-poo” approach, a strategy he did not recommend.

Hobbies outside of work?

Jacob spends much of his time outside of the brewery caring for all of his pets. He also enjoys sleeping.

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