How Did I Get Here: Craig Church

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Craig, center, with Cupcake (L) and Jordan (R). Photo by Chris Page.

Sun King’s delivery drivers are some of the most recognizable faces at the brewery because they are out in the community every day putting Fresh•Local•Beer into the hands of Hoosiers. And Craig Church has the distinction of doing that job longer than almost anyone here.

“I was a mug club member at the RAM, and kinda got to know Dave and Clay,” says Craig Church. He got into home brewing while working as a server and when his friend Jmac (Sun King part-timer Jonathan McGuire) started volunteering in Sun King’s Tasting Room, Craig came on board, too, in October 2009. He became Sun King employee number two when he was hired to run the Tasting Room part-time in January 2010 and became full-time Sun King employee number three in March 2010.

Like most of Sun King’s employees, Craig is a utility infielder, doing whatever needs to be done to keep the ship moving. He makes deliveries, cleans and maintains draft lines and troubleshoots draft problems when they arise. “My favorite part of working here is being out around town getting to know bartenders, restaurant, bar owners and talking beer with people,” he said. “And the beer.”

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