Fresh • Local • Beer pairs with Mikesell's Chips for Summer Fun

Friday, May 26, 2017

As summer is quickly approaching and with the holiday weekend just ahead, we've got cookouts, picnics, and family gatherings on our minds! To get you ready for summer the Sun King Crew sat down for a fun Mikesell's chip and beer pairing. We had a blast trying all of the delicious chips and these pairings will make you want to grab one more handful a chips and along with your favorite Fresh•Local•Beer.



Groovy Potato Chips - This classic grooved chip pairs with Sun King's latest seasonal beer Pachanga Mexican-Style Lagar. The dryness of the beer compliments the boldness of the peanut oil bringing out the richness of the potato chip. We bet you can't stop at just eating one chip!


Zesty Barbecue Potato Chips - The light spice in the Sugar Creak Malt rye used in Alrye'd Alrye'd Alrye'd brings out the hickory smoke and red pepper tanginess of the chip. If you like a little zippy in your BBQ chips, this one is for you!



Old Fashioned Salt & Pepper Potato Chips - We couldn't resist pairing these chips with something from our Sun King King's Reserve Series - Razzleblaster Busey! The tartness of the beer and wood characteristics of the barrel are highlighted along with the fruitiness of the peppercorn of the chip bringing out the oaky-ness of the beer. We know what you are thinking. A sour beer with a salt and pepper chip? That's crazy, we promise you, your mouth will be very happy. Alternate Beer Pairing: Sunlight Cream Ale



Green Onion Potato Chips - Hands down this chip pairs well with Sunlight Cream Ale. The creamy crisp taste of the beer helps to refresh your palate so that you can grab for another chip.


Honey Barbecue Potato Chips - We paired these sweet BBQ chips with Wee Mac. The tomato and BBQ spice of the chip brings out the brown sugar notes of the beer. Pair these up with some baked beans and you've got half of your picnic! Alternate Beer Pairing: Pachanga



Cheddar & Sour Cream Groovy Chips - A chip favorite amongst the SKB Crew! The caramel sweetness of our Scottish-Style Ale, Wee Mac, goes well with the tanginess of the sour cream and cheddar taste of the chip. Alternate Beer Pairing: Sunlight Cream Ale



Sweet Chili Groovy Chips - Quench your thirst by pairing this chip with Osiris Pale Ale. The citrus flavors of the hops pair well with the light spice of the chip. They compliment each other without taking over the best things about the chip or the beer.


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