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Monday, February 13, 2017

It's that time of year again.  Girls Scout Cookie time!  The Sun King Crew selected some of our beers to celebrate the season with and a collection of cookie-and-beer pairings.



Trefoils  -  This delightful traditional shortbread cookie pairs well with Sun King's Sunlight Cream Ale.  The pairing brings out almond notes and the buttery cookie crumble.  Alternate beer pairing:   Ring of Dingle Irish-Style Dry Stout


S'mores -  New to this year's Girl Scout Cookie lineup, S'mores.  This isn't your traditional gooey fireside s'more but as you bite into the cookie, it tastes just  like one.  The chocolatey, marshmallowy, graham cracker crunch comes out with the pairing of one of our House Beers,  Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale


Tagalongs - The chocolate, peanut butter, and cookie layers may remind you of one of your favorite candy bars!  This rich cookie pairs well with Wee Muckle (Wee Heavy), highlighting the peanut butter, brown sugar, and baking spiciness of the cookie.  The cookie itself brings out the caramel sweetness and brown sugar notes of the beer.  Alternate beer pairing:  Sun King King's Reserve Velvet Fog

Toffee-tastic -  The gluten-free option of the Girl Scout cookies, Toffee-tastic packs a punch with the rich shortbread taste of the cookie and the chucks of golden toffee bits.  What's not gluten-free is the Small-Batch Sink the Clipper ESB.  The beer brings out the breadiness of the cookie.


Samoas -  If you enjoy caramel and toasted coconut, then this is your cookie!  Our preferred pairing is the Sun King King's Reserve Velvet Fog.  

The complexity of the fresh cherries and warm notes from bourbon barrel aging of this Gold Medal winning beer play on the caramel and fruit notes of the cookie.  There's a slight tropical note that lingers along with the fruitiness of the cookie.  Alternate beer pairing:  Wee Muckle



Do-si-dos -  It's peanut butter jelly time!  We couldn't help ourselves, we instantly grabbed for two time GABF medal winning Sun King King's Reserve Cherry Busey.  The tartness of the cherries notes in the beer and the peanut butter sandwich of the cookie make you feel like having a PBnJ everyday.


Savannah Smiles - A powder sugar covered and lemony-flavored cookie partnered with an Osiris Pale Ale equals zesty citrus bombs of orange and grapefruit (from the hops) in your mouth.  


Thin Mints - Last by not least, the hard to resist eating just one, Thin Mint cookie!  The lovely minty core of this chocolatey cookie pairs well with Sun King's Ring of Dingle Irish-Style Dry Stout.  This pairing gives your tastebuds a chocolate peppermint iced coffee feel.  





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