Cooking with Sun King: Campfire Style Sausage & Peppers

Friday, January 20, 2012

This is a great recipe for when you can’t sneak away to go camping.  Pairs well with Osiris Pale Ale or another hoppy beer.

1 lb smoked sausage cut into ½ inch rounds
1 red pepper julienned
1 yellow pepper julienned
1 red onion julienned
1 jalapeño pepper diced
1 cup of corn (fresh, frozen, or canned)
1 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce
1 cup of Sunlight Cream Ale or your favorite light body beer
1 TBSP worcestershire sauce
1 TSP cayenne pepper
1 TSP cumin
1 TSP granulated garlic
1 TBSP salt
½ TBSP pepper

In a mixing bowl combine BBQ sauce, beer, worcestershire sauce, & spices.  Add the sausage and veggies to your BBQ sauce.  Take a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil and fold into a pouch.  Pour everything into the pouch and place on a medium hot grill over direct heat for about 25 minutes, turning half way though.  Remove from grill and serve directly from to foil pouch.

Serves 4

Dustin Boyer has worked as a bartender, brewer, and restaurant manager. He is the go-to guy for Sun King’s many bar and restaurant accounts and is responsible for booking the food and music for the brewery’s tappings. When he’s not doing that he can be found on a fork lift or making magic with meat on the Big Green Egg. Don’t ask him when he’s opening a restaurant because he only cooks for fun.

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