Constructive Criticism: Beer Bloggers Review Isis

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Periodically, Dustin will box up cans of refrigerated “yeast samples” and ship them to journalists, bloggers, and breweries we’re friends with. A number of beer magazines and blogs received a sample can of Isis last month and here’s what they have to say about it.

All About Beer is familiar with our work but they were excited to try Isis. Greg Barbera said that the, “Mouthfeel isn’t as overly resinous as most DIPAs but still is high enough in alpha acids to make the enamel on your teeth chirp.” Read the full review here.

Brewed for Thought enjoyed the beer, saying that, “With Isis, I can only confirm that Sun King is one of the top brewers in the country.” We’re blushing. Check out the full review here.

Fermentedly Challenged is one of several blogs that received Sun King beers for review for the first time. “I’d have no problem downing a few of these on a hot day,” is what they had to say in their review of Sunlight Cream AleThey thought that Wee Mac Scottish Ale “tasted better than a typical Brown ale, it had a better malty character than typical brown ales.” Osiris Pale Ale held up well under the microscope, too. “It’s too bad Sun King doesn’t (yet) distribute out here to Colorado as they could probably take up a good amount of shelf space based on taste alone.” Go here to read the full review.

The star of the show was Isis, though. “My Bronco hat gets tipped to Sun King Brewing Company for coming up with a solid double IPA in their Batch 555 Isis.” The full review is here.

Prof Sudz also got his first sample pack for review a few weeks back. According to his blog, “Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale would be a great option to introduce to your dedicated macro lager drinking friends. The appearance of the beer is familiar enough to them so they won’t be scared away, and the flavor profile isn’t too complex for the uninitiated beer drinker to understand and enjoy.” Read the full review here.

He also had very nice things to say about Wee Mac and Osiris but he really took a shine to Isis. “Some Double IPAs seek to punish your tongue with an overwhelming bitterness, but Sun King Isis features a juicy mixture of hops which is quite delicious.” The full review is here.

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