Community Partner Spotlight: IndyHub and Your Love of #Indy

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Loving Indy with Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

As part of a Plan 2020 fellowship awarded earlier in 2015, IndyHub’s conducting a study to better understand—well—you, actually.


Specifically, we want to know about your views on Indianapolis, your experience living and working in the city and how you’ve gotten involved in making Indy a city worth living in. And we use easy things like checkboxes and radio buttons to keep it as painless as possible.

In the survey, we ask questions such as how do you feel about your neighborhood? Indy’s social scene? What about public policy? Education? All those things that contribute to your satisfaction with Indy.


We want your sense of what Indy’s doing right—and maybe not so right, and we also want to know how you give back to your community.

How do you volunteer your time? Does your employer encourage that volunteer work? These are really easy questions to answer, but they’re incredibly important to the work we do here at IndyHub.


With the invaluable feedback gathered through this research, we’re looking for statistically significant data to inform and drive IndyHub programs, initiatives and advocacy efforts we'll pursue in the coming years.


We strive to maintain a strong connection to our audience of 20-/30-somethings here in Indy, and we really want to do right by you. We want to help fill the gaps that need to be filled and to elevate the voices and issues that need to be heard.



But we can’t do it without you. Seriously.



We’d be honored and thrilled beyond measure if you’d take our ten minute survey—and if you’re feeling extra generous, perhaps you’ll share it with your Indy friends and colleagues.



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