Sun King Community Partner Spotlight: IndyHub’s Passport to the Arts

Friday, September 29, 2017


Beer + Art = IndyHub’s Passport to the Arts




It’s easy to remember how great of an arts scene we have here in Indianapolis, especially as we approach fall and our arts friends unveil their schedules filled with awesome shows, concerts, and experiences! For the past 9 years, IndyHub has highlighted several of our amazing and talented groups ranging from theatre to dance to opera and more. A vibrant arts scene is a serious asset and in order to maintain and grow Indy’s, we’ve got to have equally enthusiastic demand for it.


Passport to the Arts was created to provide a taste of the arts scene to Indy’s twenty-and thirty-somethings with the hopes that they would find what peaks their interest and join groups like Indy Symphony’s Forte or subscribe to the IRT. It provided a space for people to dip their toe into the arts scene without forcing them to dive into the deep end.


While originally focused on performance-based arts experiences, we’ve recently been exploring all the ways one can get involved and active in the Indy arts. For our Fall Series, we’ll take subscribers to Dance Kaleidoscope, where they’ll see a Beatles-themed Magical Mystery Tour show; we’ll have a studio night at the Indianapolis Arts Center where you can try your hand at art of your own; and we’ll end the season at Gallery 924, the Arts Council of Indianapolis’ premiere space, highlighting a show inspired by Kurt Vonnegut.


Sound intriguing? There’s so much more to it! Each arts experience is complete with a VIP factor, whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at production, a Q&A with the artists, or hands-on time to let your creativity flow. You’ll also get drinks and bites, including Sun King Brewing beer, as you gear up for an awesome evening.


The best part is that Passports cap out at 100, so you’ll be enjoying each of these three events with the same group of people. Each year we enjoy seeing our subscribers mingle at pre-show parties, become friends with one another and ultimately, subscribers of one (or more!) of our wonderful arts partners!

What’s better than beer and art?! Want to learn more about becoming a Passport to the Arts subscriber? Head here and purchase yours today.


Indianapolis Cultural Trail Connections

Thursday, September 28, 2017




Have you ever wondered how others’ view our city and the amazing Cultural Trail that seems to connect us all? Join us on Friday, October 6th at 7pm at the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Headquarters to see how they are making that vision a reality.



The Indianapolis Cultural Trail Team has teamed up with local artists to portray new, creative and inspiring ways for all to view the trail in ways that have never been seen before; and you are getting the chance to be one of the first to view these one-of-a-kind art pieces at the Cultural Trail Connections Event.

Sun King spoke with Sarah Frey, the Development and Marketing Manager at Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. and learned that not only is this event itself really neat but it also has a really fun backstory. Sarah mentioned that in their office they have a large canvas of the cultural trail map that was created for them around 10 years ago. While this map still depicts the trail well in detail they wanted to put a unique spin on it and see how others would portray the map if given the chance. They researched ideas and came across the Indy Film Fest, which is another inspiring event close to home. Indy Film Fest puts on a show every year called, “The Bigger Picture Show,” where artists get to display their redesign of old film posters and movie covers. After attending and speaking with their team, they decided to get the help of local artists to create the event we now know as Cultural Trail Connections. Artists were supplied with the Cultural Trail image that Sarah has hanging in their office and given free rein on how they wanted to redesign it. These original art pieces, are unlike anything you have seen before.



Grab yourself a cold Sun King beer and an original Cultural Trail Map of Indy at the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Headquarters on October 6th.All art will be available for purchase through silent auction bidding. Proceeds go to benefit the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and its mission to connect people and places through beautiful and dynamic experiences.


Barres and Brews

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Join Sun King at our Downtown Indy location for a Pure Barre class!




Ever worked out so hard you needed to drink a beer after? Sun King is bring back community workouts this fall by kicking it off with a Pure Barre workout class at the brewery’s downtown location on Saturday, September 30th at 9am! Join us for a fulfilling morning of hard work and well-being, followed by a rewarding beer tasting afterwards.


Pure Barre is Indianapolis’ new and innovative way to workout. Participants ease into the extensive training with concentrated stretches followed by hand weight lifting. Attendees then engage in ballet barre where classic ballet moves strengthen core and trim hips, thighs, and buttocks. To finish, abdominal exercises help tone the tummy, and a final cool down restores one’s sense of calm and well-being. Each exercise and music choice varies from one workout to the next to keep members engaged and excited.


Sun King Brewery Purre Barre Class Tickets can be purchased online for $15 until the day of the event, and the tasting is included in the purchase price. Be sure to purchase your ticket(s) ASAP as spots to this satisfying workout + beer tasting are limited.


How to Survive the CANvitational

Wednesday, September 06, 2017



How to Survive the CANvitational


Its that time of year again, the weather has started to cool, but you're warming up -thats right, its CANvitational. The Midwest’s largest canned beer festival is bringing 60 breweries across America to the heart of good ol’ Indy. The Sun King CANvitational will take place on Saturday, September 9th on West Georgia Street and Pan Am Plaza, near the IN Convention Center.


Whether you’re a beer festival pro or a newbie, we have some tips on surviving the best beer festival in the world (no, we’re not being biased).




First things, first, buy your ticket in advanced. We have limited tickets at the door and its first come, first serve.



Take a look at the breweries that will be in attendance. Make a list of your “Must Try” breweries and go from there. You want to go in with a plan and you don’t want your palate to be destroyed when you get around to your favorite brewery.

Pro Tip: When picking your beers to sample, try to go to light beers first, followed by darker beers, leave those sours and hoppier beers for last.




CANvitational doesn’t start until 1pm (Early Entry 12pm). Wake up at 10am, cook yourself a hearty breakfast and make your way to Georgia Street. We will have some awesome local food trucks (Black Metal BBQ, Brozzini’s Pizza, La Margarita, The Big Cheese, Which Wich) lined up for some grub, but always be sure to have something in your stomach before you begin sampling some beer, that's just a life rule.

Pro Tip: Don’t destroy your palate with spicy food, cleanse your palate with water, and be sure to eat things that have a good base.



We provide water for you, however, be sure to keep yourself hydrated before, during and after the festival. Here at Sun King we’re pro beer festival goers!

Pro Tip: A rule of thumb that we follow at SKB is drinking one water with every beer. Plus it helps keep your palate cleansed for the next beer sample.





If you’re an Indy native, you know to always check the weather day of, because it can be a blizzard one day and a heat wave the next. As CANvitational takes place outside, you want to be prepared for any weather that may come that day. Comfortable shoes are key to any festival, this is no different, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Be sure to keep in mind that you’re going to be drinking, duh, and you don’t want to be carrying round a giant purse. The less you can carry the better.

Pro Tip: Wear a fanny pack. They’re hip and attached to the hip. Now you have an extra to grab all the koozies!



It's 2017 and we have wonderful technology that keeps us safe. Be sure you coordinate with friends to have a DD for the day. (And thank your DD by buying them food or a case of beer for the post game at home.) If no one wants to DD, split an UBER, Lyft or taxi ride home. We want you to be safe and stay safe after CANviational.





Last but not least, enjoy your beer, have a great time and meet some new people!



The Sun King Crew